Five Refrigerator Parts That Often Fail.


A kitchen without a refrigerator is not complete. A refrigerator is an appliance whose role goes far more than just keeping your food fresh. It helps keep your household healthy, build strong relationships with family and friends and support you in its own way during periods of stress. There is no other appliance in your home that you open every day hoping to find something that will relieve you of your worries or bring joy to you and the people around you. These wonderful refrigerator attributes are why we should care about them and make sure that they are working properly and do not encounter any failure. Whether you have just bought a new refrigerator or have had one for some time now, paying attention to your refrigerator is one way to ensure the well-being of your family.

Do you know that as you care for your loving pet and always try to understand what health issues he might have to be able to take care of it quickly, so do you need to care for your refrigerator? Refrigerators are made of different parts that harmonize to make the whole unit work. Some of these parts are more likely to break down after some time of use. Understanding what refrigerator parts can give up quickly will help you handle the failure easier. To help you identify those parts that might give you some trouble one day, we asked our experts for help and came up with this article – five Refrigerator Parts That Often Fail. Let’s see which components of your refrigerator you should pay more attention to.


The Compressor:

At the top of our list of refrigerator parts is the compressor. The compressor is surely one of the most important parts of a fridge. To say it simply, no compressor, no fridge. The compressor is the element of your refrigerator that enables the cooling feature of your refrigerator. Let’s first see how it works to understand better why monitoring it is important. 

To cool your refrigerator, the compressor, as its name suggests, compresses the refrigerant in the form of hot gas and pushes it into the coils situated at the back of your refrigerator. There the hot gas comes into contact with cool temperatures that cause the gas to become liquid. Once the refrigerant is in liquid form, it flows back into the inner coils of your refrigerator. There it absorbs the heat and cools your refrigerator. As the refrigerant absorbs heat, it evaporates into gas and goes back into the compressor that compresses it and pushes it to the exterior coils for one more cycle. So, the compressor is the main element that helps refrigerant to go around your appliance and allows it to perform its duty.

How To Identify A Failing Compressor.

Your refrigerator has a built-in temperature sensor that helps start the compressor when the temperature gets warm in the appliance. When the temperature of your refrigerator gets warm, and your compressor does not start working, it might mean that your compressor is down. To check if the compressor is working, listen carefully to the sound your refrigerator makes. Compressors are often located at the bottom of the refrigerator and produce a quiet sound when at work. If your fridge is not cooling and you can’t hear the compressor, you should think of calling an expert to look at it.

The Condenser Coil:

The condenser coil of your refrigerator is the exterior metal part through which refrigerant flows in the form of gas and gets into contact with cool air. The condenser coil permits freeing the heat that was accumulated by the refrigerant. It works together with the compressor. If the condenser coils have any issue, the compressor can’t do its job perfectly and thus causes cooling problems.

How To Identify A Condenser Coil Issue.

When your compressor starts working, your refrigerator is supposed to start cooling immediately. If your compressor is working and your fridge is not cooling, check the coils behind your appliance. Dirty coils can sometimes prevent the refrigerant from releasing heat properly. If there is dust on the coil, clean and check if your fridge starts cooling again. If not, you might have a low refrigerant problem, which means a leak in your coils. The best solution to such a problem is to replace the coil entirely. 

Refrigerator Start Relay.

A refrigerator start relay is a component that is connected to the compressor whose role is to start the compressor. Without a start relay, your compressor can’t work; thus no refrigerator cooling. A start relay might stop functioning due to a burnout caused by an electricity failure.

How To Identify A Start Relay problem.

Normally the only sound you should hear coming from your refrigerator is that of the motor or compressor kicking on. Any other sound should signal you a problem. If you hear a clicking noise while your refrigerator is warming up, there are chances that it is your refrigerator’s start relay that is malfunctioning. A malfunctioning start relay is an issue that you should not try to fix yourself. Attempting any repair might cause you to damage the relay even more or worse, damage the compressor. It is better to call an expert to repair a start relay.

Ice And Water Dispenser:

Refrigerator dispenser module issues are among the easiest to fix. The problem with dispenser modules often occurs due to electrical issues or calcium build-up in the device. Calcium build-up can cause your water and ice dispenser to clog. If calcium is not the culprit here, it could be dirt that accumulated in the device. It most often happens that the dispenser won’t provide ice or water due to a clog. If a clog is not the problem, then the problem is electrical, and you will need an expert to have a look at it.

Electronic Board:

Electronic boards are mostly found on modern refrigerators. They help control your refrigerator’s features like the temperature regulator, the compressor, and the fans. An electronic board failure is caused by electrical problems, for example, a power outage or lightning. This device’s failure reveals itself when the device won’t turn on at all, or it won’t respond to the device’s commands.


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