Four types Of Freezers And Their Qualities


Freezers are the best and most common appliances used to store and preserve food. Whether integrated into refrigerators or standing alone, we all have a freezer working in our homes. The first freezer was manufactured in the 1940s, but it was not until after the second world war that it was massively produced and popularized. Since freezer’s technology has not stopped evolving and their efficiency is continuously improving. 

Although freezers have gained popularity since 1945, people know very little about them. One example of things people ignore about freezers is the different types of freezers that exist. There is not just one type of freezer but different types: the chest freezer, the drawer freezer, the upright freezer, and the portable freezer. Even though they have the main role, to freeze food items, they have different advantages. Let’s look at these four types of freezers and see how they differ from each other.

Chest Freezer

A chest freezer is a freezer shaped like a box that has a lid that opens upward. It is an appliance that requires a lot of space depending on the size of the appliance. Since chest freezers open upward, it is important to make sure that you have enough headroom when installing them in your home. 

Chest freezers can be used in both residential properties and commercial establishments. Freezers appropriate for residential properties often come in three sizes – compact, small, and medium. They range in size from 3 cubic feet for the smallest to 16 cubic feet for the largest. Commercial establishments, on the other hand, use freezers of much bigger sizes. Their sizes are all above 17 cubic feet.

Drawer Freezer

This type of freezer is often used in large kitchens, such as in restaurant kitchens. These types of freezers are very convenient since they allow easy access to products they hold. In a kitchen where a chef needs to produce large quantities of dishes in a short period of time, drawer freezers are essential.

Drawer freezers’ finishes are made in various materials. Most of them are made in stainless steel, while others are made of different materials that can fit any kitchen. When purchasing a drawer freezer, people have the opportunity to order custom-made finishes for their appliance. So, decoratively, it is also a great choice for kitchen aesthetics.

Another plus of drawer freezers is their size. They fit perfectly into kitchen counters. So, you can easily install them into your kitchen cabinetry, and they will blend perfectly. Interior, due to their drawer design, they are very good for food arrangement. You can split different types of food products into different compartments. If you do not want to mix fish and meat with veggies, you will be able to do that easily with a drawer freezer. 

Upright Freezer

An upright freezer on the outside looks like a refrigerator. They stand like refrigerators, open like a refrigerator but do not cool the same way a refrigerator does. We can safely say that upright freezers are a good alternative to chest freezers. They are a little more expensive than a chest freezer because of some advantages they have over chest freezers.

The first and main advantage that an upright freezer has over the chest freezer is that it is very much more convenient. With an upright freezer, you do not need to be a contortionist to get food out of the freezer. Standing, you can remove and store things in your upright freezer without a problem. The second advantage is that they have an auto defrosting feature that is absent in most chest freezers. Thus defrosting and performing maintenance on an upright freezer is far easier than on a chest freezer.

Portable Freezer

Freezers are not only necessary at home or at work. When you go for a picnic, boating or camping, you sometimes take with you some food. This food needs to be stored somewhere. The portable freezer is the ideal appliance for that. It replaces the good old cooler with ice that you pile to keep your food and drinks fresh, hoping that the ice will last as long as possible. 

Portable freezers work using alternating current or direct current. They usually also have a cord that you can use to power them. You can plug this cord in your car’s cigarette lighter. The storage space of the portable freezer can reach up to 40 liters, a size sufficient for a good weekend outdoors. 

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