How To Get Your Pet’s Hair Out Of Your Laundry, Washer And Dryer


Owning a beautiful furry little friend is one of the most exciting things in the world. Pets bring us a lot of love and comfort, and their loyalty comes without conditions. However, having a pet is also having a lot of responsibilities. Feeding your pet, taking him out for a walk, caring for him when ill, and cleaning after him are some of the many responsibilities you have as a pet owner. Among all these responsibilities, you would agree that cleaning after your pet is one of the hard things to do. Whether it is just cleaning after your pet eased himself or getting your pet’s hair out of your laundry and appliances, cleaning remains the hardest task you have to do. 

When it comes to cleaning, pet owners who have the hardest task are those who own furry friends. Once or twice a year, furry pets have the tendency to lose their hair. This shedding period is the worst nightmare for many pet owners. Once your pet’s hair falls off his body, it quickly sticks on every possible surface it finds. That is your clothes, socks, shoes, bed, sheets and many others. Even appliances such as your washer and dryer can’t run away from the fur invasion. That is why during your pet’s shedding period, your work is mainly to clean around your home again and again. 

The Good news is that there are ways to get your pet’s hair out of your furniture, laundry, washer, and dryer easily and effectively. All you have to do is perform some simple tasks regularly. Hereunder are some of these tasks that will have your furniture, laundry, and appliances free from your pet’s hair.

Brush Your Pet’s Hair.

If you have ever visited a pet shop, you must have noticed that they sell some special brushes for pets. These brushes are not meant to create a new fur style for your pet. This brush helps remove hair that has detached itself from your pet’s skin but has not fallen off. We recommend using this brush on your pet every day during his period of shedding. You can brush your pet when you are having a walk with him so that the hair gets dispersed outdoors or do it at home. If you decide to do it at home, make sure to clean the area where you brushed your pet. Clean the floor and the furniture around since pet’s hair easily sticks to them. Brushing your pet’s hair is the simplest way to manage them.

Buy And Use Lint-Rollers.

A lint-roller is a tool often used to remove lint and other tiny particles from clothes and furniture. It has a paper roll that has an adhesive part on one side that easily captures small particles on any surface. If your pet leaves hair on every surface it touches, you can clean it easily by just passing your lint role on the surface of the furniture or clothes.

If you can’t find a lint role, another option is using duct tape to remove your pet’s hair. All you have to do is roll the tape around your fingers, leaving your thumb out. Roll the tape in such a way that the adhesive part stays outside. One round of rolling is enough. To remove your pet’s hair, tape the adhesive part of your tape on the surface with the hair. The hair will stick on the tape, and the job is done. If the surface to clean is large, change the tape when hair doesn’t stick to it anymore.

Do Not Put Hairy Clothes In Your Washer And Dryer.

Many people do not know that, but pet hair is very dangerous for washers and dryers. A huge accumulation of hair in those appliances can cause drain clogs and, in the case of dryers, can lead to a house fire. Before putting your clothes for washing or drying, be sure that you have removed a big part of the hair from them. Check every clothes that you put into your appliance. In case it has hair, use a lint roller to remove them. If it is difficult to remove it using a lint roller, then try water. Put on a glove and steep your hand into water. Use your wet gloved hand to brush the clothes you want to put in your appliance. The hair will stick on your gloves, and you will be able to put the clothes into the washer safely.

Use Pet Hair Removal Products.

When washing clothes with pet hair, you can add some special products to the washer to facilitate their cleaning. The FurZapper or lint removing balls are two examples of products you can insert into your washer and dryer to remove and collect pet hair from your clothes. They cost between $12 and $20 and are reusable.

Deep Clean Your Washer And Dryer.

It’s clear that after washing and drying your pet hair-covered clothes, your washer and dryer will be full of them. If left like that, the hair will infiltrate your appliances and, with time, cause you a lot of issues. That is why once you have finished using your washer and dryer, first open the door of your appliances and let them dry. Then use a vacuum cleaner to get all the hair out. Next, carefully go through corners to make sure that nothing remains in there.

If Your Appliances Already Have Issues Due To Pet Hair, Contact 5 Star Appliance Repair For Immediate Diagnostic And Quick Repairs.

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