How To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy And Organized.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy And Organized.

Isn’t it a dream to have a kitchen where everything is in its place, and everything has its place? Organizing a kitchen is a task that can sometimes be nerve-racking. Finding a place for your many dishes, pots, utensils, veggies, and spices when you have little kitchen space is a frightening task that most prefer not to think about and leave things as they are. Luckily for you, we know ways to get your kitchen organized easily and cheaply. We have seven tips that will help you organize and create space in your kitchen. 

Organize your Kitchen According To Your Household Kitchen Habits. 

In the past, kitchens were only considered a place to cook and eat. Nowadays, it is a multi-purpose living area where the family spends time and bonds. To make your life easier and organize your kitchen better, you should adapt your kitchen setting to your household’s kitchen habits. How do you achieve that?

  • Store the items your family often uses in a very accessible place. You can place them in an easily reachable drawer or a tray on the kitchen counter. This way, they can get them and put them back in place easily.
  • If your kitchen serves as a dining room too, place your dining table accessories such as placemats and napkins in the cupboard or top drawers where you can get to them easily. 

Opt For Minimalism.

If you carefully examine your kitchen, you will notice that many things uselessly fill space in the room. It might be old dishes that you stopped using a long time ago or cooking accessories you bought from teleshopping programs that you have never used. Getting rid of these things will make you gain a lot of space and create the impression of a bigger kitchen. To sort out useful kitchen tools and equipment and discard the unnecessary ones, follow the following steps;

  • Put all your essential tools and appliances together.
  • Check and put out duplicates.
  • Throw and replace old tools and equipment. 
  • Throw any tool or equipment that has no use at all in your kitchen

Organize Items According To The Rate At Which You Use Them

Once you have gotten rid of all unnecessary tools and equipment in your kitchen, you can then start the re-arrangement process. First, take into account that you do not use all kitchen items at the same frequency. There are some kitchen tools that you surely use more often than others. When arranging your kitchen, place these items in the most accessible places of your and the less used ones in the less accessible parts of your kitchen. In short, rearrange your kitchen tools and equipment according to how often you use them. This way, you will not have to take out one million things to find where your spatula is. 

Tidy Your Drawers.

Rearranging items in your kitchen means keeping every storage place organized, and your drawers count as some of them. We often have drawers in our kitchen that are full of all sorts of kitchen accessories all mixed up. Take time when organizing your kitchen to sort them out and rearrange them around your kitchen. First, find places where to put items that do not belong to your drawers. You can place your spatulas, potato mashers, bottle openers, and any other similar item of wall racks. To add more space to your drawers, get drawer organizers where you can fit your cutleries. 

Get unnecessary items out of your cabinets.

Cabinets are among these places where we have tens of items we have not used for some time. Like with the drawers, you have to remove all items you don’t really need or are too old and anyway you won’t use anymore. Then choose an appropriate spot for dishes and cups and another one for your pots and pans.

Clear Your Countertops.

The kitchen counters in most homes can be pretty cluttered with many pieces of cookware, cutting boards, and other kitchen utensils. To have more space, you should find a place where to put them while still having them easily accessible. One of the things you can add to your counter to organize it is a shelf riser. You can put your plates, cups, and cutting board on it. Also, get a drying rack where you can put your dishes and cutleries after washing them. Choose a drying rack that is decorative and foldable. 

Something else you can do to free space on your countertop is using your kitchen’s window seal. It is useful to hold your cookbooks, carafes, fruit baskets, and many other things that can fit there. 

Put Your Food Products At Their Right Places

Poor food storage in the kitchen is one of the things that cause an awful mess. There are two rules to follow with edibles: Throw away when it is outdated and put every food in its right place. Let’s talk a little more about the latter. People do not often know how to store products and put food products in the wrong places. Do you keep eggs on the counter or in the fridge? What about cereals, chocolate, and spices? To these specific questions, the answers are, eggs should be stored in the fridge while all the rest should be kept in the cabinet. While arranging your edibles, first check where it is better to place them and organize a cabinet to hold all products meant to stay in cupboards.

Kitchen Organization Is An Everyday Task.

Maintaining a kitchen organized is easy when you make it a habit. Just make sure that everything is at its place and things that do not have any use be gotten rid of. You can also get your family involved in keeping the kitchen tidy by introducing simple rules such as “the right place for everything.” For the most recalcitrant families, you can help by placing labels on storage places for groups of items and asking them to place the items in their right place after using them. Once you start keeping your kitchen organized this way, life becomes easier.

An Organized Kitchen Is One With Perfectly Working Appliances.

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