Have you ever had an emergency after hours or during the weekend? It’s nearly impossible to reach anyone and if you find someone they will likely charge twice as much to fix your problem. Be prepared for unexpected home emergencies. Homeowners that have regular home maintenance performed in their homes have fewer unexpected repairs.

As a Prime Home Club Member, you and your family can rest easy knowing that you have a reliable and experienced provider that can fix any issue that arises.
  • Save Money – with regular maintenance, you save from costly after hours calls and expensive utility bills.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – regular maintenance on your HVAC system provides the cleanest possible air in your home.
  • Improved Comfort – you don’t want your air conditioner to go out during the hottest summer temperatures.
  • Home Safety – small issues are detected early before major damage can occur.
As a Prime Home Club Member you receive the following benefits:
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Free Service Calls
  • Guaranteed Response Time
  • NO Service Fees
  • Discounted Pricing
  • FREE Plumbing Diagnostics
  • FREE Electric High Maintenance Diagnostics
  • FREE AC & Heating High Performance Diagnostics
  • FREE Appliances Diagnostics
  • Easy Online Booking
Regular maintenance saves you time, money and helps keep your home working properly longer. Extending the lifetime of your homes’ infrastructure and appliances will reduce the number of costly repairs.
With your new Prime Home Club Membership, you can:
  • Minimize the aggravation of home emergencies
  • Save time by having a “go to” professional home maintenance company
  • Eliminate any existing and potential safety issues and health hazards in your home
  • Save money by knowing exactly what you will spend and what you receive
Leave it to our expert service technicians to take care of all of your home maintenance including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, air duct cleaning and appliance repair.

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