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4 Reasons Why Your Whirlpool Front Loader Washer Won’t Start

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How often do you pay attention to your washer? Most people will answer “never” to this question. Whirlpool front loader washers are among these appliances that we almost never seem to notice as long as they are working fine. The reason for that is just that washers are so much integrated into our routine that they almost become invisible to us. The only time when we remember their existence is when it is time for us to use them. The disadvantage of this negligence is that we do not often notice when something goes wrong and are caught by surprise when the washer breaks down. One of the most common situations that our customers face with their Whirlpool front loader washer and call us for is a washer that won’t start. The washer that won’t start is an unexpected problem that is often followed by the question, why did it happen? To help you understand the situation better, we plunged into this issue with our trained experts and came up with the following causes of a whirlpool washer that won’t start.

4 Reasons Why Your Whirlpool Front Loader Washer Won’t Start


It Doesn’t Get Enough Power:

Some will say it’s obvious that if your washer won’t start, the power supply has something to do with it. It’s indeed somehow obvious, but what is not so obvious is how the lack of power comes to be. When you installed your new Whirlpool front loader washer, everything must have been working fine. So how come you have a power issue with your appliance?

  • Your Appliance isn’t plugged:

    Sometimes this lack of power is just due to a simple omission to plug in your washer. You have been having a hectic day, and come the time for laundry. You do everything quickly to be able to relax at last that you forget to check that you have properly plugged in your washer. Don’t worry – this happens to a lot of people. Only remember to check your washer before you start it.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker:

    Another reason why your Whirlpool front loader washer is not getting power is a tripped circuit breaker. It might happen that you are using too many energy-consuming appliances simultaneously, which causes a power overload. When power overloads, it causes your circuit breaker to trip, and thus you can’t use your washer. What to do when your washer doesn’t start is to check your circuit breaker. If it tripped, turn it back on and try again. If you have too many appliances or units running at the same time, you might need to turn off some of them to prevent your breaker from tripping again.

  • Broken Extension:

    The last cause of lack of power to start your washer is extensions. Extensions are very useful when you have a lack of sockets in your laundry room. You can plug more than one appliance into them or use it to get your washer working when the only place where you can place it has no plugs. The down part of extensions is that they can easily spoil and usually without showing any sign of breakdown when overloaded. Therefore if you notice that your washer is not starting and is connected to an extension, it is highly possible that the extension has something to do with it.

Apart from the unplugged washer reason for a lack of power, if you believe that your washer is not turning on due to any other power issues, do not take things into your hands. Call our experts Whirlpool front loader washer repair experts, who will come to diagnose the problem and fix it properly.


Washer Control Lock Feature.

Whirlpool front loader washers often have a control lock option that prevents your washer from starting unexpectedly. When you try to turn on your washer, and it doesn’t respond, it is often because the control lock feature of your washer is on. You will notice that the control lock option of your washer is on by simply checking the display screen or control panel of your washer. The LoC or LC display is the sign that indicates an inactive control lock.

Turning off the control lock is easy – simply press the key to unlock the feature. You will find this key on your washer manual.


Unproperly Closed Door.

This is a security measure that is present in almost all washers. If your washer door is not locked or can’t close properly, your washer won’t be able to start at all. The reason is obvious – you do not want to have leaks or clothes thrown all over your laundry room after the door suddenly opens during a cycle.

The reason why your door won’t close is often due to either an overloaded washer or a faulty part that prevents proper closing. In case the problem is due to a broken part, only a trained and certified technician like those working with 5 Star Appliance Repair can help you out. You can schedule an appointment with them today for a broken washing machine door repair service. They will offer a quick and effective solution right away.


Wrong Washer Setting.

Modern Whirlpool front loader washers often come with more and more complex settings. This setting might be delays, timers, or other options that might cause your washer not to start immediately. When your Whirlpool washer won’t start, you should always check that the settings are right. If not, try to change them so that your washer starts the moment you want it to. If the setting is right and the washer will not start anyway, then it is time you call 5 Star Appliance Repair Experts for an immediate washing machine repair service.


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