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Your Stove Is Broken. Is It Worth Repairing it?

Is it worth repairing a stove



After a long day of work, there is nothing more relaxing and satisfying than sitting down with your family around a delicious meal, sharing your daily adventures, and creating lasting memories. Among the many appliances you have in your home, one of the most important that enable you to enjoy these moments is your stove. Whether it is for a get-together with friends or a family reunion, stoves have shown their indispensability throughout the years and ability to bring people together. But always comes a day when your stove does not work as efficiently as it used to or when it completely breaks down. Then one question comes to your mind, “Is it worth repairing my stove?”

When this unfortunate event happens, the faster you find a solution to the problem, the less it will impact your daily life and that of your family. The problem many homeowners encounter when resolving this issue is choosing the right way to do so. The difficulty here is the choice to either repair the stove or replace it. Many Homeowners doubt the worth of repairing a stove. “When to replace a gas stove” is one of the most popular stove-related queries homeowners make online. Let’s weigh both options and see together what is better; repairing or replacing a broken stove. 


When Is It Worth Repairing Your Stove? 


If you ask any appliance specialist to help you choose whether to repair or replace your stove, he or she will surely encourage you to go for a repair. This is because stove failures are often easy and quick to fix. It takes an experienced technician less than an hour to get a broken stove functioning optimally again. 

The low cost of repairing a stove is also an essential factor that makes it a better choice than replacement. Stoves are some of the cheapest appliances when it comes to repair and maintenance. So why buy an expensive new stove if you can spend ten times less to have your stove working as new. 

Environmentally, repairing a stove is also the best choice. Unlike many other devices and machines, stoves have the advantage of being able to live longer than their lifespan. Of course, to achieve that, you need to perform regular maintenance and get worn-out parts replaced. But isn’t it better than spending a ton of money on a new appliance and helping to safeguard our planet’s health? 


Reasons why you might choose to replace your stove


Although, as mentioned above, many stoves can easily live longer than their expected lifespan, it is not always the case. The longevity of a stove depends on how much maintenance and repair it has gone through. A stove that experts have regularly checked and maintained will not encounter terrible failures and will be easier to fix than one an expert rarely checked. So, if your stove is above 15years old, has not had frequent maintenance services performed on it, and has malfunctioning issues a little too often, you should start thinking of its replacement. 

Often, the cost of repairing a broken stove does not exceed $300. However, at a certain age, appliances can face severe damages that require a lot of money to fix. Most of the time, it is due to a critical damaged part that needs replacement. If the cost of repairing your stove costs half the price of acquiring a new one, then a replacement is the better option. Before making the choice of either repairing or replacing your broken stove, inquire from your appliance technician what it will cost to repair and compare this price with the cost of a new stove.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Stove VS Replace It?


Stove repair is the least costly of all home appliance repairs. The average cost for repairing your stove, according to Home Advisor, ranges between $50 and $200. The actual cost of repair will be determined by the severity of the damage your appliance is facing and the parts needed to have it fixed. Your location can also be a factor in the cost of repair of your appliance. A homeowner living in a city will not pay the same as one living in a rural area.

If you are going for a stove replacement, the price will be a little higher. Getting professional help for an electric or gas stove repair will cost you between $1000 and $3000. This price includes the cost of the appliance and the installation service if needed. As with many other appliances, a new stove’s cost depends on its brand and its features.  

From the above estimation, you understand why repairing your broken stove should be your first recourse. Go for a replacement only when your appliance has reached an advanced age or a repair will not help solve the appliance’s issues. So, to the question, “is it worth repairing a 15-year-old stove?” the answer is “yes!”. 


5 Star Appliance Repair Has The Best Solution For Your Stove.


At 5 Star Appliance Repair, we encourage homeowners to get their stoves repaired rather than replacing them. It is the easiest, cheapest, and most comfortable solution. To help you get your stove back to working conditions, we put all our experts at your service, ready to fix your stove whenever you need them.

Our technicians are trained, vetted, and certified appliance repair experts who will come to your home promptly after your call, well-equipped and prepared to provide you with their service. No matter what problem your stove is facing, they will find an appropriate and affordable solution for them.

Now that an answer to your question, “should I repair or replace my stove” has been given, and you know where to find able technicians to carry out the repair or replacement, why don’t you take the next step and schedule an appointment immediately? Contact our 24/7 available customer service by dialing (855) 731-4952. They will get all the necessary information about the service you need and will get an expert to your home as fast as possible. If you cannot call us, send us a message, and we will get to you in no time. We exist to serve you.

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