Why Gas Stove Igniter Keeps Clicking?

Why Gas Stove Igniter Keeps Clicking?

    When you gas stove knob on, you hear a few clicks, and the burner ignites. Then everything seems to be working fine. But why do you hear igniters clicking after turning off your stove? A gas burner that persistently sparks is not only frustrating, but it could also be a sign that the unit is doomed to stop working.

    A working igniter will typically click up a few times before it ignites. At times, you may encounter situations where the igniter persistently ticks even after the stove is lit, or the burner never lights completely.  So what should you do?  Before you decide to buy a new igniter for your unit, we have some troubleshooting tips you can do to fix the problem.

    There are a few different reasons why gas stove igniters keep clicking after the burner is turned off. It could be due to a damaged switch, burner caps that are tilted, dirty igniters, or moisture around the affected part.

Misaligned Burner Cap

    In some instances, your stove clicks for other reasons other than moisture or food stuck in the ignitor. It may be as simple as the cap is out of alignment or you have broken parts. When you have checked for moisture and stuck food scraps, see if your burner cap is on the right track. If the burner cap is misaligned, this could be the reason for your gas stove to click even unused. Eliminate the burner shreds and put the cap properly.

Bad Spark Module

    There is a switch that regulates the electric current, the spark module, which is installed immediately behind the control knob of your gas stove. It is the same part likely that when this switch becomes faulty, it will result in continuous clicking or malfunction in that electrode. When it clicks, then the electric flow is stuck on.

    However, while each burner has different switches, they are typically connected through a harness that pressures you to change every switch. But as it is a simple circumstance of usually uninstalling the knobs and lifting the cooktop so you can reach the works under the unit, it is not actually a difficult repair.

Excess Moisture

    One common reason for your gas stove to continue clicking when it is shut off could be due to the excess moisture. Consider the times when you are cooking and your pot bubbles over or sauce overflow on your burner. While you thought you wiped them out, moisture can get into the ignitor, which could be the reason for your gas stove to keep clicking. You need to allow the stove parts to settle from every now and then because even thorough cleaning can cause moisture to get stuck.

    In order to get away with the excess moisture, remove the power source, and uninstall the knobs and caps of your burner. Raise the stovetop and make use of a paper towel to wipe out any moisture in the unit. Then, allow everything to dry for a few hours. When all of the moisture dries up, you can reinstall the parts back together.

Dirty Burner

    One major cause your gas stove keeps clicking is the food stuck on the burner or other parts. Food debris can accumulate in the igniter, which is the reason for it to keep clicking when it is turned off. The food stuck in the igniter can result in the system to turn off. To resolve this problem, all you need to do is clean the dirt in the system.

    First, remove the power source prior to cleaning the cooktop igniter. After turning off the power source, uninstall the burner cap and make use of a toothbrush or any small brush to eliminate the food scraps. Wipe the burner, underneath the knobs and around the igniter. After dislodging any dirt from these parts, use alcohol on a piece of a cotton swab to remove any leftover oil or mold. Dislodging the food debris should stop the stove from clicking when turned off.

Damaged Spark Electrode

    The final part of the chain is the spark electrode of your gas stove. It is the component that generates the spark that ignites the gas and is often the least likely to get broken. When you have had a clicking issue in the past, and only let it click a few hours on end, a malfunction becomes more likely. The more your stove clicks, the more damaged this particular part gets.

    While this is the least likely component to wear, it is also the hardest to replace. You should uninstall your gas burner a little to get the spark electrode off and place a new one. It may be  because you are working on a gas stove, you may feel more convenient handing the job to an expert.

Turn-Off Failure

    It is absolutely normal to hear your burners keep clicking when they attempt to ignite, however if you start hearing a clicking sound while your gas stove is off, you may need to closely inspect your unit. In some cases, this noise can only be due to forgetting to turn off your burner. Check each burner control knob to make sure that they are properly turned off.

    On some gas stoves, you may need to check the knob if it popped out other than turning it off using the knob. When you notice a persistent clicking after your burner is turned off completely, or after it has already been lit, you have to immediately turn off the gas supply unit and call a professional cooktop repair expert, as this is a sign of a more serious problem with the ignition system of your unit.

    Do not forget to use caution when troubleshooting your gas stove unit. When you are hesitant to fix the gas stove yourself, or something seems out of place, stop what you are doing and get professional assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact 5 Star Appliance Repair to help get your gas stove back up and running in no time, so you can prepare decent meals for your loved ones.