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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Washing Machine.

Cost to repair a washing machine

Washing machines, since their invention, have considerably eased our lives. In the average US home, a family will use its washing machine at least twice per week. This amounts to a minimum of five loads per week for a small family. Without a well-functioning washer, a household life would be terribly disrupted. That is why experts advise regular maintenance to prevent unexpected washer breakdowns. However, it’s not possible to completely prevent a washing machine breakdown. Throughout its life, a washer will have multiple failures that will most of the time require a professional appliance technician’s services. This is one reason you should be aware of the causes of appliance malfunctions and how much it costs to repair them.

In general, the cost of repair of a washer will range on average between $50 and $500. The price will depend on the type of washer, the washer’s brand, and the problem it faces. According to the Home Advisor chart, the national average cost of an appliance repair is $175. The minimum repair cost can go as low as $50 while 

Average National Estimation Of Washing Machine Repair

Average Cost Of Washer Repair $175
Minimum Cost Of Washer Repair $50
Highest Cost Of Washer Repair $450


Average Cost of Repairing a Washing Machine Repair Based On Its Type


When looking for a washing machine repairman, keep in mind that the cost of a washer repair service will depend on the type of washer you own. A portable washer, for example, will cost you less to repair than an integrated washing machine. However, you will have more difficulties finding a technician able to repair your portable washer than one able to fix your integrated washing machine.


Cost Of Repairing A Portable Washing Machine 


As its name suggests, a portable washer is a mobile appliance that you can move at wish in your home. The most frequent issue that this appliance has are faucet connection issues and timer malfunctions. A professional expert will fix it at a cost that ranges between $80 and $150.  


Cost Of Repairing A Semi-Automatic Washing Machine


The semi-automatic washing machine is a double drum washer that offers washing and drying services in one unit. In a semi-automatic dryer, first, you wash your clothes in the first compartment and then move them to the second compartment for drying. Some of the issues that semi-automatic washers often face drain failures due to faulty control modules. The average cost for repairing such an issue will range between $200. 


Cost Of Repairing A Top Loader Washing Machine Repair


Top loader washing machines, also known as fully automatic washers, are the most commonly used washer in the US. Their simple design, accessible functionalities, and features make them one of the least difficult washers to repair among the upper class of washing machines. Issues with a top loader might include a broken door switch that prevents the washer from working or a damaged drain pump that prevents the evacuation of used water from your appliance. To repair a top loader washing machine, prepare about $150 to $225.


Cost Of Repairing A Front-Load Washing Machine Repair


The front-load washing machine is the second most popular type of washer in the United States. Homeowners often choose them for their beautiful design and high efficiency. Some problems this appliance can encounter include leaks, bad belts, and door malfunctions. An appliance repair technician will fix your unit for a price ranging between $200 and $300.


Cost Of Repairing A Integrated Washing Machine


An integrated washer is the most complex type of washer to repair because it is built into the closet. They are mostly front loads and thus face the same issues as the front-load washing machine. Repairing an integrated washing machine will cost between $250 and $350. The price can go higher depending on the accessibility of your washer. 


Cost Of Repair Washing Machine Based On Its Problem.


When calling a washing machine repair expert, they will more often give you an upfront estimate depending on the problem your washer has. Here are the prices to expect for different washer issues.


Cost Of Repairing A Leaking Washing Machine


Washing machine leaks are common issues that homeowners deal with. The leak is often found beneath the appliance or on its hose. Depending on the location of the leak and its gravity, An expert will charge between $75 and $ 200.

Cost Of Repairing A Washing Machine That Won’t Open


A blocked washing machine door is one of the most frustrating washer problems. Especially when your laundry is still in the machine. The cause of these might be a misfunctioning control board. To fix a locked washing machine door, you will have to spend between $90 and $200.


Cost Of Repairing A Washing MachineThat Is Making Loud Noises


The loud noise coming from your washing machine during a cycle might be due to a faulty drum bearing. This part of the washer located in the rear of your device often breaks due to the strain caused by frequent overloading. To fix a drum bearing, you will spend around $105 to $200.


Cost Of Repairing A Washing Machine That Won’t Drain


If you find your clothes soaked in dirty water after a washing cycle, it means that the washing machine didn’t complete the drain and spin cycle correctly. The cause of this might be a broken pump, clogged hose, or faulty valves and switches. Prepare between $150 and $300 to have an expert fix it.


Cost Of Repairing A Washing Machine That Won’t Start


A washing machine that won’t start is the most stressful problem you can face with your appliance. The first thing to do when that occurs is to check your power supply and fuses. If everything is fine and your appliance is still not starting, you might have a motor, control panel, door lock, or belt issue. Fixing it will cost you between $200 and $400.


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