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5 Important things to do before turning on your new refrigerator.

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Your refrigerator had been working inefficiently for a long time, and you decided to replace your refrigerator. You went online to look for a modern and energy-efficient refrigerator to replace your old one. You ordered it, and today it’s arriving at your home. Now you are surely excited to launch your new frdige but hang on there. Do you know that about 30% of refrigerators break down before even being used? Moreover, do you know that much food poisoning comes from new refrigerators not being cleaned before use? One of the main reasons it happens is because people often hurry to start their refrigerator without following some important steps. Steps that will ensure good and safe use of the new appliance.

Although refrigerators have a simple and solid structure and mechanism, they can still be very vulnerable. A vulnerability that can even be seen in new refrigerators. Moreover, refrigerators you buy come straight from the factory; therefore, there are many tiny residuals that stick on the interior surface of the appliance. That is why when you get a new refrigerator for your home, you should not plug it in immediately. To save yourself from trouble as soon as you get your refrigerator, we recommend you take the following steps to ensure that everything is right before you start your refrigerator.

Let Refrigerator Fluids Settle.

One of the most important elements of your refrigerator that helps it to cool its contents is the refrigerant. The refrigerant travels around your fridge when turned on, constantly changing from a gas form to a liquid form. This process is made possible by a component of your refrigerator called the compressor. The compressor is an element of the refrigerator that pushes hot gas accumulated from your fridge to the outer coil, where it loses heat and then turns back into liquid.

The problem when you buy a new refrigerator is that the refrigerant in your unit is in liquid form. And usually, when transported, the people moving the refrigerator incline your unit in different positions that cause the liquid to move from its original position in the compressor. If you’re not careful and plug in your appliance without allowing the refrigerant to settle, you will stress the compressor since it will have to do twice the work to cool your fridge. This may result in a refrigerator that takes more time to cool or break down immediately.

We recommend letting all the liquid in the refrigerator settle down for at least 12 hours for that not to happen. After that, you can then plug in your refrigerator confidently and enjoy its services.

Get Your Socket and Extension cord Ready.

Before you plug in your new refrigerator, check that the socket you’re going to use is functioning properly and is located next to the area where the refrigerator will stand. In case the socket is far away from the position where the frdige will stand, we recommend that you use an extension cord instead. Make sure that the extension cord you’re going to use is not overloaded. If you have any doubt about the type of extension cord you can use to plug in your refrigerator, contact the appliance vendor for them to recommend you an extension cord. 

Fix The Refrigerator’s Shelves Correctly

You do not want to break your refrigerator’s shelves before you have even the time to use them. You may think that this doesn’t happen often, but you will be surprised to know that this happens more often than we think. Too often, people do not insert shelves correctly in the refrigerator, and when they try to put something on the shelves, these ones often fall or let the things that they put on slide down. So, before you put anything in your fridge, make sure that you have well inserted the Shelves.

Remove All Wrappings and Clean the Fridge.

Like any other appliance, your refrigerator comes with wrappings both within and out of the unit. Therefore, when you receive your fridge, make sure you remove all the wrappings both in the cooling compartment and the freezing compartment. Pay extreme attention to plastic stickers in the corners and on the racks of your refrigerator. Once you have removed all the wrappings, use a sponge and water to clean the interior of your fridge. It is very important to do so before placing any food product in the refrigerator.

Once you have checked everything listed above, you are good to start your refrigerator. In case anything goes wrong, contact the manufacturer. If you bought a used appliance, contact an expert refrigerator repairman to diagnose the problem and fix it properly.

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