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Are Your Appliances Ready for Summer?

Get your appliance ready for summer

Summer is soon approaching and brings with it huge changes in our lifestyle. Some of these changes will have an impact on your appliances, i.e., how you use them. During summer, you will surely be receiving more friends at your home for meals, opening the fridge a little more often, and if you have kids, using the washing machine a lot more than usual. Even more important, there is our national day, the 4th of July coming, during which we have the whole family gathered together to celebrate. A strenuous period for our appliances. That is why, as we witness the arrival of the warm and green season, it is important to look at all our home appliances and get them ready for the season. How do you get your appliances ready for summer? We have some tips that will definitely help you.

Let’s Start With Your Refrigerator And Freezer.

Every summer is a period of change for your refrigerator and freezer. If they could speak, they would share with you their need for rejuvenation. However, they can’t, but fortunately, we are here to speak on their behalf. During the winter months, your refrigerator and freezer help store vegetables and other products that are not sometimes easily found during the cold season. During the winter, they must have accumulated a considerable amount of leftovers and unpacked products. Now is the time you should get rid of all those things and create space in your appliances for drinks and fresh fruits and vegetables. Empty your refrigerator and freezer and with a sponge, soapy water, and soda, thoroughly wash their interior. Do not forget the corners and hidden compartments. Once your refrigerator and freezer are clean, contact an appliance repair expert to look at your appliance’s functioning and provide you with quality maintenance service. Once you have done all that, your appliances are ready for summer.

Get Your Oven And Cooktop Ready For The Get-Togethers.

The stove and oven are the masterpieces and memory generators of the summer. You do not want them to fail in the period of the year you need them the most. To have them ready for the summer, also give them nice cleaning. Get a soft sponge and a non-abrasive cleaner and pass it on your cooktop. Gently wipe your cooktop and insist a little on the dirt that won’t get out. In your oven, use an oven cleaner and grime remover to clean up. We advise that you clean your oven by hand rather than using its self-cleaning feature. This way, you are sure that your oven is well-cleaned and ready to get all those tasty dishes well-cooked.

Scare The Bad Smell Out Of Your Garbage Disposal.

A garbage disposal that lets out nauseous smells in a bright flowery summer afternoon is one of the most annoying and uncomfortable situations you could face. Now, you can prevent this from ever happening by giving your appliance good care. Get a cleaner that loosens grime and a deodorant to properly clean your garbage disposal. To give your garbage disposal a pleasant smell, you can use lemon or orange rinds. Perform this maintenance at least once per month till the end of the summer to keep your kitchen clean and free from foul odors.

Give Your Dishwasher Extra Care.

Your dishwasher is like your pretty independent teenager who sometimes needs your help to get things done. The fact that your dishwasher has a self-cleaning feature, does not mean that it is entirely autonomous. If you do not examine your dishwasher from time to time, you might never notice the cracks and clogging issues it suffers. To prevent the issues from suddenly appearing during the summer, we advise you to check that everything in your dishwasher is in place and in good condition. Have a close look at the hoses and lines, the sprays, arms, and the racks. If you notice that a part of your appliance is not firmly attached or broken, do not hesitate to call an expert technician to repair it.

Call An Expert To Do Maintenance On Your Washer and Dryer.

Before the summer starts, you want to be sure that your washing machine and dryer will not fail you in the middle of a cycle. Especially when you have kids who tend to wear two sets of clothes a day. It is to prevent that from happening that you need to be sure that your laundry appliances are working perfectly. However, unlike any other appliance, laundry appliances often require expert hands for maintenance. Fortunately, on the other hand, you do not need to perform maintenance on them as often as you would need to do on a refrigerator or oven. If you have a washing machine or dryer that is pretty new, performing maintenance before the summer is not absolutely necessary. But if your washer and dryer is more than five years old or does not work as efficiently as it used to, we recommend calling a technician to take good care of it.


5 Star Appliance Helps You With Appliance Repair And Maintenance. 

Appliances are the living parts of our homes. They greatly simplify our lives and sometimes even participate in uniting and strengthening our household. That is why you should always make sure that they are working properly. To assist you in taking care of your appliances, we have a team of trained and experienced appliance repair professionals. You can call them any day at any time to help you get your appliances ready for summer or to provide you with appliance repair services. They are always ready to help and will be more than happy to get your devices working as new. Call us now to book an appointment with one of our experts and profit from our same-day service and affordable prices. We are sure that you have never experienced such an easy appliance repair service as 5 Star Appliance Repair Offers.

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