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Is it better to repair or replace a vacuum?

Branko Dubrovich, Appliance Repair Expert

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether it’s worth repairing a vacuum or if it’s time for a replacement. In general, if the cost of repairing the vacuum is more than half of the cost of a new one, it’s probably best to replace it. However, if the vacuum is a high-end model or has sentimental value, it may be worth repairing. Additionally, if the issue is minor and can be fixed easily, such as a clogged hose or a broken belt, it’s likely more cost-effective to repair it.

If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace your vacuum, the specialists at 5 Star Appliance Repair can help. Our team has experience with all types of appliance repair, including vacuum repair, and can provide expert advice on the best course of action.

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