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How To Test A Glass Top Stove Burner

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Nowadays, if you look into most modern kitchens, you would see them equipped with a glass top stove. These innovative appliances were invented to make cooking in our homes safer and more convenient. For years now, they have proven their worth, and as a result, many have switched from gas stoves to glass top stoves. However, although many people use these new types of appliances in their kitchens, few know how glass stoves actually function or how to test a glass top stove burner. The latter being an essential skill to know, especially when you have an electric stove burner not working properly.

This article intends to help you better understand your glass top stove and how you can test them to see if they are working optimally. Before we look into how to test a glass top stove burner, let us first see the two types of glass top stoves and how they function. 


All You Have To Know About Glass Top Stove Burners.


The first thing to know about glass top stove burners is that they are all are electric appliances since they use electricity to function. However, when looking at the method they use to heat your cookware and cook your dishes, glass top stoves can be divided into electric and induction stoves. 

The Electric Stove.

Traditionally, electric stove stoves are made of metal coils that burn in contact with electric current. However, many modern electric cooktops have a smooth glass top that offers consistent heat. When turned on, the burners turn red till they reach the programmed temperature. Once hot, the burning red light will go on and off while maintaining the set temperature. This type of stove is perfect if you are looking for a stove that provides a consistent cooking temperature.

The Induction Stove.

On the other hand, there is the induction stove. The induction stove is the star of stoves. It has heat control and safety features that make it the ideal cooktop in any kitchen. The induction stove utilizes electromagnetic energy to cook your food. When turned on, an element in the appliance creates a magnetic field that reacts with the cookware you place on your stove. This reaction causes a vibration that, in turn, creates the heat that you need to cook. To get the best of an induction stove, it is highly advised to use iron, steel, or magnetic stainless steel bottom cookware.

These two types of appliances make up what we call glass stove top appliances. Now that we know what they are and how they function, let’s see how we can verify that they are working correctly. Checking if a glass top stove burner works properly is something quick and easy to do. 

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First And Quickest Glass Top Stove Burner Testing Method.

The first and easiest method to test your stove burner is simply turning it on to the highest heat and monitoring to see if it stays constantly hot. If your appliance gets hot and the temperature drops considerably without you reducing it, then your burners might have an efficiency issue. For new appliances, contact the seller and use your warranty. In case you do not have a warranty or are using an old appliance, call an expert to fix it.


Second And Most Reliable Glass Top Stove Burner Testing Method.

The second method to test your glass top stove burner takes a little more time but is the most effective way. What you need to do is use a quarter full pot of water and place it on each burner turned on to the highest setting. Then check how long it takes for the water to reach the boiling point. All four burners should normally take the same time to make the water boil. If the burners are of different sizes, the time difference between their boiling point should not be significant. If the burners do not get your water boiling at the same pace, your appliance must have a problem and need a stove repair expert’s attention.


What To Do With A Glass Top Electric Stove Burner Not Working.

Electric stove burners not working is a more common appliance issue that homeowners face than one would expect. When this misfortune happens, the question most of them have in mind is, “what is best to do?” – repair or replace the appliance. 

As specialists of Glass Top Stove Burner repair, we advise on prioritizing repair over an appliance replacement. The reason why your burner is not working might because an insignificant reason, such as a broken switch or poor wiring. A trained technician can fix simple issues like these in a matter of minutes. So, instead of spending much of your time and money on a replacement, call an expert stove repair professional to get it fixed.


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