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Leaking Fridge? These Might Be the Reasons

Leaking Fridge Solution

     Are you seeing signs of leaks in your refrigerator? When you have a leak in your dining area, but you are well aware that it is not coming from your dishwasher or sink, most probably your fridge is the culprit. Inspect underneath your refrigerator for signs of leaking water. Whatever your issue is, don’t lose your nerve.. 

    One of the most important components in the contemporary refrigerator is freon. Since it is designed to be a sealed system, it is likely for a leak to happen and this can not only ruin your food freshness, but could adversely affect your health. Below are the five glaring signs that your fridge is leaking:

Food Feels Warmer

    If your refrigerator has a freon leak, your unit will not be able to work properly. This will affect your food and drinks, and produce in your refrigerator not being preserved as fresh and cold as it is supposed to be. Once you observe that the food in your fridge is somewhat warmer on the other side, it could be due to a freon leak.


Motor is Persistently Running

    While your fridge temperature spikes, the condenser and compressor work with the freon to take the temperature to go down to the normal level. If a freon leak happens, the motor will be compelled to work for longer to counteract the irregular amount of refrigerant. This puts the motor under extreme pressure, which can result in a greater risk of a damage issue occurring.


Higher Power Consumption

    When your refrigerator is running harder, it will be consuming bigger amounts of power, pushing an increase in your energy consumption. Once you notice that your monthly bills have begun to increase for no obvious reason, it is highly recommended to check your home appliance for any faults.


Foul Odor

    Some refrigerants like freon emit almost all mouldy smell, especially if your fridge is in a closed space, such as your garage. Your initial instinct may be regarded that something has gone wrong inside your fridge, but if you can’t trace the source of the bad smell, don’t disregard it and inspect for a freon leak. 


Unexplained Sickness

    Gasping in freon is indeed a danger to your health, and if you have gone through a prolonged exposure, you may see yourself suffering from headache, nausea, or other sickness. When you have been feeling bad and you can’t probably figure out the reason, it is important to consider if you have been respired to freon. 

    There are problems in your fridge that can be fixed on your own even without expertise on how a fridge works. The chances are you don’t even need to uninstall or replace any expensive components either. Leaking fridge? These might be the reasons:



    When your filter is not set up correctly, or the filter is outdated or doesn’t load correctly with your fridge model, perhaps there is a loose connection between the filter and the water supply. In order to avoid your fridge from leaking,  inspect if water is leaking due to holes in the filter. Check the model and size of the refrigerator and filter to see to it that it’s a perfect fit.



    Check the drain pan for any breaks, which is located at the bottom of the fridge. It’s normal if you see droplets of water. However, if you see any significant amount of leaking, perhaps the pan is broken and that could be the reason for the leak. Change the pan right away if you check for any damage.



    One of the root causes of refrigerator leaks is a blocked defrost drain. When the defrost drain is blocked by food scraps or ice, it stops the water buildup during the defrost cycle from draining into the pan. Finally, the water will begin to accumulate. With no space to drain, water will start to drip right into your floor. Eliminate any blockage caused by food particles or ice by washing the drain with warm water and taking away wastes with a wire hanger.



    The seals can get old and break or waterline connections to the ice maker can loosen up, resulting in leaks that can cause water pooled below and throughout the fridge. The plastic hoses can also break or tear, or get distorted producing strain that creates a leak at the connection. Inspect the period of the water line passing through the ice maker, typically on the rear outer part of the refrigerator, as well as the connections, for any indication of moisture. When the ice maker water line is the issue, there will normally be water passing through or dripping down the line and into the floor. Adjust the connections or change the water line. It may also help to replace the connectors to get an appropriate seal.



    That leak at the rear of your fridge is commonly related to a valve or pipe damage that’s connected to run a water dispenser or ice maker. It is usually a job for an expert technician, but you can help maximize your time by spotting the exact area that is leaking.To get rid of the risk of electrical shock, move your refrigerator away from the wall and unplug it from the power source. A solenoid switch operates the valve in the fridge by opening and closing as necessary. This is a leaking source in most refrigerators and may need replacement. 



    The most common reason for a leaking refrigerator isn’t a leak at all. It’s the direct outcome of your fridge not sealing correctly, and as a result, operating for a long time to keep things cool. A refrigerator unit that works very hard will accumulate too much condensation on the coils, which in return can result in the pool of water on the floor that gives an alarm. Inspect the rubber door seals on your unit and the ice maker to ensure you are getting an appropriate seal. When you find an issue, cleanse the seals with hot water and soap and put on a petroleum jelly that works best. When this doesn’t fix your problem, you may already need to change the gaskets. 


Freon is one of the most important elements in your refrigerator that enables your appliance to perform its cooling functionality. Thus, a Freon leak is a pretty serious problem that could cause your refrigerator to stop working completely. Detecting a Freon leak is easy. When Freon Leaks, there is a chemical odor that it releases. This unusual odor is the signal that indicates a leak. Once you notice this odor, contact an expert to check if it is indeed a Freon leak. We advise not to try a Freon Leak repair yourself. Leave it to experts who will use the right tools to fix it.

    If you are suffering from some troubles with your fridge and feel you may have a  leak, you can rely on 5 Star Appliance Repair to provide a long-term solution. For assistance with all of your refrigerator repair and maintenance needs, make sure to speak to our professional repair service team.