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10 Guides to Maintain Your Brand New Appliances


One thing to do if you don’t want yourself to be stressed about certified 5 star appliance repair is to have your new appliances be maintained well. A new home has many excellent features, but the kitchen appliances must be among the best. Cooking and kitchen cleanup become immensely straightforward and enjoyable when you know your equipment will work without a hitch.


Kitchen appliances are designed to operate largely without human input. In most cases, you must hit a button and wait for it to complete. That suggests that homeowners don’t need to do anything to keep up with everyday maintenance on their kitchen appliances. In reality, the maintenance of appliances may be summed up in words “inspect,” “clean,” and “keep.” Learn how to utilize your appliances to discern between normal operation and aberrant activity. As required, maintain and clean them.


Appliances will gradually need to be replaced, but by caring for them, you may extend their lifespan. To maintain the longevity and efficiency of your kitchen equipment, here are some tips below which you can follow.


  1. Clean out disposer crud
  2. Heat a lukewarm dryer
  3. Clean fridge gaskets
  4. Clean up stove spills
  5. Do not slam the doors
  6. Clean window air conditioners in spring
  7. Keep the dishwasher clean
  8. Clean refrigerator coils
  9. Recalibrate your oven temperature setting
  10. Avoid overload


If you need reliable help maintaining your appliances, know that 5 Star Appliance Repair can help. Besides that, we are also known for our quality appliances repair service. So if you experience appliance malfunctions, there is no need to worry, as we are the best for appliance repair in Burbank. To add, we specialize in refrigerator repair services and other 5 star appliance repair services.


Ways to Keep Your Appliance in Good Condition During Cold Season


It’s time to give your household appliances extra attention when the weather turns cold so you will not be worried about appliance repair in Burbank. Your appliances will continue to operate properly if you take preventative action before the winter is over. Homeowners often don’t give their appliances a second thought until something goes wrong. Following preventative measures can maintain your appliances in good condition, increase their lifespan, and boost their general effectiveness. Here are our useful winter appliance maintenance tips.


  • Self-cleaning cycle

Your oven can disclose potential problems that lower temperatures couldn’t see because it reaches very high temperatures. Although you will rarely have a problem, it is advised that you complete your cleaning several weeks before the holiday culinary extravaganza to give yourself time for repair or replacement.


  • Look out for intruders

In chilly weather, animals will try to enter warm locations. To keep cold air and pests out of your home, vent covers for dryers, microwaves, and vent hoods have flaps. Insects, bird nests, other animals, or a bicycle or snow shovel dent for coverings installed close to the ground can cause a flap to stick open. Animals have the greatest potential to seriously harm your house and appliances. If you detect any flaps stuck open, fix them immediately before they become more significant problems.


  • Dryer lint

Dryer lint is the main cause of house fires. There is much flammable lint. Lint or blocked vents may be to blame for your dryer’s malfunction. Ensure your vent is blowing out much air outside to check for lint clogs. Make careful to clean the lint filter after each load. Make sure to clean the dryer’s inside, exterior, and bottom because lint frequently gathers there.


  • Garage appliances

Be aware that many appliances, particularly refrigerators and freezers, aren’t protected by warranties when used in garages because of the drastic temperature variations. Avoid placing your refrigerator by the large garage entrance, and keep it closest to your house.


These quick and easy preventative procedures ensure that your appliances work well throughout the year. These tips and regular cleaning and maintenance should be enough to keep your appliances running throughout the winter without needing unexpected appliance repair in Burbank. But if you experience inconvenience with any of your appliances, there is no need to worry as we at 5 Star Appliance Repair are the best appliance repair specialist. All makes and models of appliances are serviced at 5 Star Appliance Repair. Hence, you will have nothing to worry about with us as we will care for everything.


Ensuring your appliances are at their peak condition is one of the best you can do to avoid yourself from having unexpected failures. If you need help from us at 5 Star Appliance Repair, like maintenance, especially reliable repairs, know that you can always rely on us. For the best appliance assistance, contact us at 5 Star Appliance Repair now.