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Refrigerator Repair: Regular brands vs Luxury brands (Subzero & Viking Fridges)

As with all electronics, there can be huge differences between regular and luxury brands. When it comes to high-end Sub-Zero and Viking refrigerators, it is easy to compare to regular fridges.

Viking and Sub-Zero refrigerator are luxury brands that deliver a high level of workmanship and quality. The cost of repairing high-end appliances compared to regular brands lie in the features they have. Here are why Sub-Zero and Viking refrigerators are different.

Viking Refrigerators

Viking has been a long-standing appliance company for decades. With such a big brand, they have expanded their kitchen appliance product line to include refrigerators, ovens, ranges, hoods, and stoves. Many top chefs around the world use Viking appliances because of the dependability they get. With stainless steel finishes and food preservation, Viking refrigerators are elegant and complex appliances. Viking refrigerator repair may be costly, but it is more than worth it to have your appliance last longer.

Sub-Zero Refrigerators

There is no doubt that Sub-Zero refrigerators are some of the top appliances in their category. Sub-Zero refrigerators are true works of art when you notice the intricacy needed to build one. Like the Viking refrigerators, Sub-Zero also uses a stainless steel housing to give their appliances a durable and appealing construction. The difference here though is that you can customize your Sub-Zero fridge to match your cabinets and other decors in your home to give it a seamless and integrated look. These refrigerators also use a dual refrigeration system that can be very complicated to work on. Sub-Zero fridges also can learn your usage patterns and adapt accordingly to maintain an optimal temperature to lengthen the life of your food. Sub-Zero fridge repair can be a difficult task due to its technology and customizability.

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While Sub-Zero and Viking fridges are more modern and in a class above regular refrigerators, regular brands can be less expensive to repair and maintain. These refrigerators use relatively the same technology to function, making repairs easier.

Sub-Zero refrigerators and Viking refrigerators differ from regular appliance brands. Refrigerator repairs for Viking and Sub-Zero units can be costly because of their complexity. Take for example the dual refrigeration system that Sub-Zero fridges utilize. This cutting edge cooling mechanism maintains accurate temperatures at all times. Another example would be the exceptional seals that these units use. With regular refrigerators, you may notice that the dry air from the freezer seeps into the fridge section’s moist cool air (or vice versa). Sub-Zero units ensure that the air from the freezer and fridge do not mix which preserves food better and vastly reduces food waste. This also prevents odor transfer between the sections so you won’t have ham-smelling ice cream.

With the use of cutting edge technology, Viking and Sub-Zero fridges are some of the best in the appliance industry because of their reliability, technology, and style. Properly maintaining your fridge is the best method to make your kitchen appliance last longer. 

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