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100% Guaranteed and Cost-Effective Appliance Repair in Santa Monica

You got 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro at your back when you need appliance repair in Santa Monica! We have professional and smart technicians who are willing to save your appliance.

Fast and Top-Quality Santa Monica Appliance Repair Service

Santa Monica is located in Los Angeles County and is considered one of the best places to live in California, with a population of 91,600. Living in Santa Monica provides residents with an urban feel. There are numerous bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Santa Monica. It is a liberal city with a lot of young professionals. 

When it comes to appliance repair in Santa Monica, most residents always call and hire experts at 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro. 5 Star creates excellent appliance designs. The following 5 Star appliances that we repair are listed below:

  • Cooktop 
  • Dishwasher 
  • Dryer 
  • Ice maker 
  • Oven 
  • Range 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Stove 
  • Washer 
  • Wine cooler 

Regardless of how dependable these 5 Star appliances are, they will eventually fail if they are not properly maintained. Your 5 Star appliances should last a lifetime, so when it fails due to wear and tear on some of its parts from continuous use, hire only the best professionals in the industry with extensive knowledge and expertise. 

Count on 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro for the best Santa Monica appliance repair service in the area! When you hire us for appliance repair, you can expect our prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable technicians to handle your needs promptly and efficiently. 

Furthermore, our professionals are dedicated to providing only the highest quality repair services with expertise and professionalism, so you can be confident that you will only receive the best service possible.

So if you seek the most trusted Santa Monica appliance repair service, connect with us at 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro. We can also help you with your appliance repair in Los Angeles

Trusted and Certified Santa Monica Appliance Repair

Do you have a problem with one of your 5 Star appliances? Are you planning to hire and collaborate with experts to address your concerns?

We are all aware that installing high-end appliances in your home provides you with comfort and imposes some responsibilities for them to function properly. As the owner, you must keep your appliances clean to help them last longer. However, no matter how carefully you take care of your units, problems can occur even when there is no signal.

These are the most common 5 Star appliance problems that we can resolve:

  • Clicking igniter on a gas stove
  • Inefficient refrigerator
  • No power at an outlet
  • The dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes properly
  • Food isn’t getting cold in the refrigerator
  • Wobbling washing machine
  • Not cooling wine cooler
  • The range is not turning on

Hiring a skillful and licensed technician is highly recommended in this case! Great! You found us by searching Google for “Certified Santa Monica Appliance Repair” 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro is ready to provide you with any services you require for your faulty appliance. 

You can be certain that when you work with us, we will never fall short of your expectations in terms of overall service! We can also help you provide the most reliable appliance repair your need. Don’t worry! Our technicians can definitely help you any time.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality and most certified Santa Monica appliance repair, 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro is the right one to call!

Why Choose Us?

Why Trust 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro? 

In many years of servicing appliance repairs, the 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro professionals have made it exceedingly. Our experts can fix anything with any 5 Star appliances you have. So rest assured that our specialists are experts in appliance repairs. 

Our 5 Star Appliance Repair Promise: 

  • Licensed, Certified, and Professionally Trained Technicians
  • Highest Quality Factory Parts Possible
  • Experts with Vast Experience and Experience 
  • Never charge you for any extra service fee
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 24/7 customer service & care

With our years of experience in the field, 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro’s knowledgeable specialists will find the best and most long-lasting solutions to your broken appliances.

5 Star Appliance Repair That You Can Count On

When your faulty appliances strike back, we at 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro want to be your only trusted and reliable appliance service provider. We have customer service representatives who are always ready to address all of your concerns and provide you with a timetable for any repairs. We will also provide you with the best 5 Star appliance repair you need.

Take a look at the following services that we provide:

Cooktop Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Dryer Repair, Ice Maker Repar, Oven Repair, Range Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Stove Repair, Washer Repair, Wine Cooler Repair

So if you need any of those services, feel free to to reach out to our team for some assistance!

  • Cooktop Repair – Trust no one but 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro in providing you the best cooktop repair. 
  • Dishwasher Repair – 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro is one of the leading service centers offering highly affordable dishwasher repair. 
  • Dryer Repair – If you have issues with your dryer, call an expert at 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro for fast and reliable dryer repair. 
  • Ice maker repair – Our team has the right tools and equipment to be used for the Ice maker repair you need at home or in the office. 
  • Oven repair – You can also trust our team to help you with the Oven repair if ever your appliance is not turning on. 
  • Range repair – When you have issues with your range, feel free to contact us right away to experience the best range repair. 
  • Refrigerator repair – For your faulty refrigerator, we have professional and licensed technicians who can help you do the refrigerator repair. 
  • Stove repair – Book an appointment with us at 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro if ever you are in need of stove repair. 
  • Washer repair – Don’t hesitate to hire our customer service team if you need a washer repair for your faulty appliance. 
  • Wine cooler repair – Hire a professional at 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro if ever your wine cooler is not working properly, and experience the best wine cooler repair ever.

Brands We Service

Our pros are trained and experienced in working with all major appliance brands.

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Working with our experts at 5 Star Appliance Repair Pro will help you save your faulty appliance! Contact our customer service team now and fill out the form right away!