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Top 5 Dryers to Buy

    Having an efficient dryer for laundry provides you much more than drying your clothes on time. Using a high quality clothes dryer, you can guarantee that there is no damage to your clothes and linens. 

    Furthermore, you will take the pleasure of the additional features such as steam cycle to eliminate wrinkles or freshen up your laundry. Wondering the standard drying time is now a concern of the past. The moisture sensors in your unit will deal with the maximum dry time for the laundry load and will give a notification to your smartphone once the cycle is completed.

    If you are shopping for a new dryer set, the majority of the review sites  concentrate on the washing machine’s efficiency. However, manufacturers strive to innovate dryers also. While purchasing a dryer is not a daily task, we have gathered  a review of the top 5 dryers to buy in 2020. You will also discover the factors to consider when selecting a good dryer, essential features, and the top models available on the market.

   1. Speed Queen DR7000WE 

    Speed Queen is well known for manufacturing dryer models that last up to 25 years in most homes, so when you are looking for durability, this is the unit to start. The 7-cubic-foot sports commercial-grade unit and a complete set of digital controls that are installed  to stand up to intervening factors such as moisture, heat, power surges, and vibrations.

    You may select moisture level when you want, or run one of the seven presets and four auto dry cycles functions, then have confidence in the dryer’s moisture sensors to notify you when your laundry is finished. The eco cycle feature helps save on power, and a prolonged tumble setting to prevent the tumbling clothes without heat after the cycle ends. It also has the reversible door that enables you to place the dryer unit in different locations.

   2. Whirlpool WTW7000DW 

    It’s highly commendable how several smart features Whirlpool has installed in their 7-cubic-foot dryer. It comes with an incredible 24 dryer cycles to provide you exactly what you want to dry, regulated by a touch control panel that monitors your favorite settings and can give questions about what you are drying to intend a cycle just for your laundry load at the moment. The unit is all backed up with high level moisture-sensing technology so the unit won’t overdry.

    This dryer offers several unique extra features to make your drying experience convenient. Its sanitize cycle is designed to remove common bacteria and contaminants at home, while a wrinkle shield setting tumbles the machine in a five minutes interval after the cycle ends until you can get to it. It is also installed with a handy lint filter light indicator to notify you when the filter requires cleaning.

   3. Samsung FlexDry DV60M9900 

    We can’t deny the fact that the Samsung FlexDry is huge and expensive. However, the extra size is for the dedicated delicate dryer, a place on top where you can load sweaters and other clothing items you don’t usually toss in the tumbling drum. Many dryer units let you load a rack into the machine, however this Samsung unit lets you leave the drum open for the usual loads while using efficiently the heated air. It never gets really hot, but still dries even stuffed toys and other laundry items more quickly than letting them run dry.

    Aside from the one-cubic-foot top part, the drum provides 6.1 cubic feet of space. There are also large quantities of cycles such as sanitizing features and one especially for bedding. Utilizing steam, you can expand the versatility of the machine with refresh and wrinkle-free cycles. The FlexDry also complements Samsung’s Smart Home app, so you can monitor when your load is complete without going down to the basement. When you have some clothing items you don’t want to toss in the dryer, this dryer unit just might shift your laundry day.

   4. Maytag MGDB955FC Gas Vented

    A 9.2 cubic feet capacity Maytag dryer does not only hold a huge load of laundry items, but also provides it space to tumble around. It comes with an extra fin inside, so your laundry won’t tangle while drying. It is also installed with some features like PowerDry and Advanced Moisture Sensing to dry your laundry as fast and even as possible.

    In this unit, you can take advantage of 10 drying cycles, including one particularly for touch-ups, another that utilizes steam to refresh your delicately worn items, and the sanitize cycle kills 99.9% from the harmful home bacteria. You can also regulate the dryness level, temperature, and wrinkle settings. An air-only function is also available in cases when you need to air dry without heat. When you are seeking to cut some expenses especially as this is a quite expensive machine, there’s an Energy Saver button that comes in the dryer time but adjusts the heat. When you are always leaving your laundry until you have a pile of clothes, this Maytag dryer will be up to the major job.

   5. Electrolux EFME627UIW Electric 

    While this unit  has endless cycles, the Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Dryer offers numerous ways to dry your laundry items or just sanitize, refresh, or get them free of allergens and bacteria. In some cases, a large amount of cycles isn’t secure as many people choose to stick to the normal and adjust the temperature depending on what items they are drying. However, this Electrolux does some action you’ll want to watch out for, like bacteria or allergens, which increase the heat to kill  mites, fast dry for small loads of laundry, and instant refresh that dry out clothes that are clean but lack freshness.

    Installed at the side is the Nest-like dial that enables you to add steam to prevent static and wrinkles, as well as adjust the temperature, spin, speed, and time. In the drum are the sensors that monitor how damp your laundry are, so they don’t overdry and damage the fabric. Electrolux also has an impressive drive motor warranty of 10 years. The 8.0-cubic-foot dryer is definitely a luxury appliance unit, with a worth to match, but you get steams, germ-killing functions, and spacious drums. Most of all, its  washer, the EFLS627UIW, is also an efficient machine.

    No one knows home and business dryer units better than 5 Star Appliance Repair. With our years of excellent service on thousands of dryers, you can guarantee  that we are trusted experts with your clothes dryers and we have the right parts for the job.