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What to consider when buying a Sub-Zero refrigerator

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to spend this much on a Sub-Zero refrigerator?”. It’s a valid question that many people like you ask themselves as well. Let’s dive deeper into this question so you can make the best decision.

Who is Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero is a 3rd generation family-owned company based in Madison Wisconsin that manufactures major residential and commercial kitchen appliances such as refrigerators. It is also important to note that they manufacture appliances under the Wolf brand name, but that brand focuses on ranges, ovens, and stoves. They are known to be the first company to create professional counter depth refrigerators. 

Sub-Zero refrigerators have been known to be a luxury brand for many years now. Apart from creating some of the best residential refrigerators, they also make commercial units used by professional chefs. These fridges use dual compressors and a patent vacuum door seal system that cools and maintains the appropriate temperature and humidity for both the fridge and freezer.

Subzero is unique for their:

  • Amazing craftsmanship
  • High-quality components
  • Quality control

The main reason to buy a fridge is to preserve your food for as long as possible. It’s simple really, fresh food is better food. There are certain things you need to consider when picking out a fridge. For example, refrigerators are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. They are truly great and efficient appliances but that comes with the higher cost of the unit. Your refrigerator checklist should include:


The size of the unit you pick will depend on what your home can accommodate. It also depends on how much food you consume, your family size, and your storage needs


fridges come in different styles and configurations. Each style provides you different functions so you pick the one that better suits you. There are options for:

    • Top freezer 
    • Bottom freezer 
    • Side by side 
    • French door 
    • Counter-depth
    • Built-in
    • Mini
Energy conservation

The long-term cost of operation depends on how energy efficient the unit is. It is always best to acquire something that is energy efficient to reduce the cost of energy consumption. You can choose a more efficient fridge by looking for the Energy Star rating. If the unit is Energy Star certified, you’ll know that your cost will be much less compared to that with a unit without this certification.

Special features

If you are ready and willing to let go of a few more bucks, you can consider the best innovations in the technological world when picking out a fridge. That’s where Sub-Zero fridges shine. With their impressive technology and customizability, you can really make your fridge your own.


A Sub-Zero fridge can be considered one of the best luxury refrigerator brands you can buy, but what’s the difference between it and any other fridge out there. If you’re considering getting a Sub-Zero fridge, here are some important features you can get:

High quality and superior food preservation

It can preserve food longer than others thanks to a computer-driven air purification system that circulates fresh air in the fridge.

Dual compressor

Normally, the air from the fridge circulates into your freezer. This circulated air can spread bad odors and change the taste of your food. With a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you have the option of a dual compressor. This means one compressor will be for the fridge while the other compressor is for the freezer. This allows both compartments to remain in optimal temperature and humidity level with no odor transfer.

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Vacuum seal

It has a patented vacuum door seal technology that seals off the unit totally once the door is shut. This will keep all the cool air inside and the warm air outside.

Microprocessor controlled system 

It maintains a temperature within one degree of the initial set temperature at all times. With a better regulated and consistent temperature, your food will stay fresher longer. 

Air purification filter

Some units have an anti-microbial air purification system (PURE AIR) that filters the air within it. The system filters in all the air and traps ethylene gas, mold spores, and bacteria that spoil your food.

Nanotechnology shelving

All the shelves in the fridge are coated with nanotechnology that prevents the spread of spills. Cleanup will be a breeze.

Unit lifespan

The quality of craftsmanship that Sub-Zero produces is always hard to beat. They use high end and high-quality materials to make the fridge. Each fridge is made to last for at least 20 years with the help of high-quality materials, extensive testing, and comprehensive quality assurance checks. Apart from selling well-made products, they also provide one of the best factory warranties and customer service. 


There are different models and styles of fridges that you can choose from. Whatever your taste may be, you can customize your fridge to make it your own.

Resale value

Since Sub-Zero is such a well-known brand, you may be able to get a hefty sum once you want to change fridges in the future. These fridges are such a luxury that many homes for sale list that they have a Sub-Zero refrigerator in the description. They do this because when a prospective customer sees the brand name, they immediately assume that your home has a very top-notch and high-quality kitchen that reduces cost for renovation. 

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So, the big question. Is a Sub-Zero refrigerator worth it? If you value style, cutting edge technology, and convenience then you should consider buying one. They not only will it keep your food fresher for longer, but it will also spring more life into your kitchen with its design