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When It’s Time to Repair or Buy a New Fridge

    When your favorite take-out foods have been spoiling fast lately, chances are that you’ve got a refrigerator problem to take in hand.

    While your fridge is one of the most reliable household appliances, its lifespan can last for around 10 years. A breakdown can be a pain in the neck to your meal plans. Even after regular maintenance, your precious fridge needs to be displaced eventually. 

    Before your unit completely breaks off, it will yield you a few hints that it’s about to stop working. Let’s take a look at most tangible signs when it’s time to repair or buy a new fridge:

Excessive Condensation

    When you start to observe that your unit is sweating, then the odds are something’s likely not right. Too much condensation tells you that your fridge has inadequate cooling efficiency. If the moisture shows up only on the outer parts, examine the door seal – you can just restore the seal on your own. If that doesn’t resolve the condensation or the bill has tug when you pull it, contact an appliance technician to diagnose the problem before giving your fridge the boot. If the seal looks good, or if condensation also settles on the inside of your unit, then the temperature inside isn’t sufficiently cold to prevent the food from going off, and it might be the right time to purchase a new one. 

Overheats the Motor

    The extreme heat is a clear indication that something is wrong inside your fridge. The coils in the back of your fridge are cushioned, which should spare you from sensing its high temperature. If you observe this in your fridge, it would be best to contact a repair technician to examine your coils. If the cost to fix the issue is towering and your refrigerator is stealthily old, you are likely better off purchasing a new unit. Changing the coils could be an alternative to consider.

Spoil Your  Food 

    Another obvious sign that your refrigerator is about to retire is when your food starts to spoil even a day before it usually goes bad. A fridge that takes more time to chill your food means you are wasting more on your power consumption than you should and you’re also squandering money on any food you have to dispose of due to your malfunctioning fridge. When frost piles up in the freezer, it can result in freezer-burned food, odors, and other issues. If it happens more often, it’s a hint that your aging refrigerator requires a replacement.

Build up Frost 

    The frost coated in your freezer is an indicator that you have a mature unit model. While you apparently need a freezer to store your food in its desired frozen temperature, it’s unusual for you to have to break the frosts off just so you can reach your plastic of frozen peas.n Once too much ice accumulates in the freezer, it can burn our food, emits foul odors, and other issues. If this problem persists, it’s a glaring sign that your refrigerator would need an upgrade. Whenever you experience this situation, you should defrost the freezer first. After you have done this, turn it on  and observe if it reoccurs. If the buildup gets even worse, then it’s the best time to shop around a new unit. 

Older than 10 Years 

    Though some refrigerators work efficiently for over a decade, traditional models normally eat up much energy, resulting in surging power consumption. Also, the older your fridge is, the more costly it is to repair. Eventually the cost of repairs will start to outweigh the cost of a replacement. If your fridge is older than years old and requires regular repairs, then it would help you cut costs and shop around for a new one. Check for Energy Star stickers before you take a new unit. New models are said to consume only around less than 9 percent energy than the old or standard units.

Energy Inefficient

    A fridge can cost you an arm and a leg in more ways than just repairs. When  there is a sudden increase in your electric bills and you haven’t installed new devices and appliances, inefficient units may be the main cause of your problem. Look for new Energy Star fridges that are designed to be more energy efficient. They are also manual defrost fridges that don’t consume as much energy as mechanical defrost brands if they are well-maintained. The freezer on top of the fridge typically consumes less energy than the one on the bottom. It’s not only energy and cost efficient, but it’s also good for the environment.

Makes Running Noises

    The motor in the unit shouldn’t be working at max speed all the time. Most units produce a gentle buzz, but if your fridge has started humming loudly lately, the motor might not be working properly. You may unplug and plug back your unit back to test whether the throbbing noise disappears. However, the hum in your fridge can be a serious issue if either noise persists long after you switch it on  again or even open the doors. If an appliance technician can’t do anything about the running noise, then you only have two options left: get a new unit or catch it right before it runs away.

    When you are well prepared for a fridge breakdown, it can make repair or replacement  much easier and cheaper. Watching over these glaring signs can help you identify when it’s time to start shopping around for a new fridge for your family and employees. You can benefit from the best unit deals and find the best model that ticks every box.

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    If you have a hard time deciding whether you should keep fixing the issue in your refrigerator for a few years more or get a new one, it’s best to consult a trusted and efficient service provider.  5 Star Appliance Repair is dedicated to providing quality repairs to help you extend the life of your household appliances while offering the highest levels of professional service at an affordable and competitive price.