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When to Call An Expert For Refrigerator Repair

Seems Like Your Refrigerator Got Some Issues? You Doubt Whether To Call A Professional Refrigerator Repair Technician?


Of all the devices our homes hold, the refrigerator is one of those we can’t do without. Unfortunately, we often tend to neglect them until they stop working. To prevent your refrigerator from breaking down suddenly, it is essential to know the signs of a malfunctioning fridge and call an expert for refrigerator repair.

Refrigerators are robust appliances that are durable, both structurally and mechanically. Their lifespan is 15 years, and with regular maintenance, they can go over 20 years. The more you take good care of your appliance, the more it is likely to last long. Nevertheless, many minor failures could occur in your appliance, which when accumulated, are likely to cause your device’s complete breakdown. Most of these failures go unnoticed, especially if a specialist has never examined your appliances. Since you can’t always have a specialist at your home to detect a refrigerator problem, we came up with some signs that could help you notice a failure.

Your Refrigerator Is Warmer Than Usual.

A refrigerator needs to maintain a specific temperature to be able to conserve your food. If you open your fridge and notice that your aliments are not cool or less than usual and that the ice in your freezer is melting, you might have a big cooling issue. The right refrigerator temperature should be between 35 and 40 degrees, while the freezer should be between 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. If your fridge and freezer’s temperatures are below these, you might need to call an expert for a professional refrigerator repair.

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You Notice Condensation in Your Fridge.

Condensation is a problem in your refrigerator, depending on its amount. It is normal to have a little condensation on your fridge; however, it should be a concern when it becomes so much that you can notice it on your food. Excess condensation is usually a sign that your fridge has a cooling problem. This could be due to a faulty refrigerator part such as the door seal or a more serious mechanical failure. You will mostly notice this problem in refrigerators that have a certain age. A single visit is what an expert needs to detect what causes the condensation in your fridge and get it fixed appropriately.

There is Ice Building-Up in the Freezer.

Ice build-up is a phenomenon that many people experience but ignore, and that could be a sign of a failing refrigerator. The accumulation of ice in your freezer might be a sign that your refrigerator is struggling to control temperature.

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The reason why your fridge might be struggling could be due to a worn door seal. When a door is poorly closed, warm air enters your fridge, which causes your fridge to work twice harder to maintain the right 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When you notice that you have an ice build-up, unplug your refrigerator and defrost it. Make sure before that you have nothing in there that could spoil. If yes, save your food first before starting the defrosting. After all the ice has melted, turn on your fridge, close the door tightly and check if there is more ice-build up.

In case this fixes your problem, it means that you just had a poorly closed door which led to the build-up. On the other hand, if defrosting didn’t solve the problem, it is better to call an expert refrigerator repair service to look at your fridge and find where the problem is coming from.

The Refrigerator’s Motor is Hot.

All refrigerators function thanks to a motor that helps move the refrigerant through your fridge. Due to its constant hard work, it is normal that a motor is warm. A little warm motor in a refrigerator is not a problem, but a hot one is a sign of a dying motor and should be handled immediately by an expert technician. 

To check the temperature of your motor, place your hand at the back of your appliance. If you feel that it is abnormally hot, give us a call immediately, and we will have our professional appliance mechanic take care of it immediately.

It Makes Very Loud Noises.

Any home appliance that suddenly starts making very loud noises shows a sign of failure. This is especially true about refrigerators. It is usual for a fridge to make a slightly louder sound when its compressor and motor kick on, notably when your refrigerator’s temperature rises over the set temperature. However, a fridge that continually kicks on while producing a more and more loud noise indicates that you have a serious refrigerator issue, and you should have an expert troubleshoot it.

Water is Leaking on Your Floor.

Leaking water is another typical problem fridges have, but that unfortunately often goes unnoticed. Refrigerator leakage can be internal or external. To check if you have an internal leak, look at your fridge’s interior and check if there is any ice build-up on your walls. Ice build-up on your walls is a sign of a minor leakage. On the other hand, when the leaking water reaches the floor, that is an external leak, the problem is more serious. Whenever you notice water under or behind your refrigerator, do not take it lightly and call an expert technician to fix it.

Call And Get Our Expert For Any Fridge Repair.

Your refrigerator might now be sending you a signal that it needs the help of a refrigerator expert repairman. Ignoring these signs might cause your fridge an irrecoverable breakdown. If you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to get a professional to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

5 Star Appliance Repair has qualified and certified technicians who will gladly and professionally provide you with a reliable fridge repair. They have the skills, tools, and experience to carry out effective and affordable refrigerator repair. If your fridge is having some troubles, know that you have a local refrigerator repair company ready to solve them. Schedule an appointment now by calling (855) 731-4952  or by sending us a message. You will not be disappointed with our refrigerator service.