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Who To Call When Your Washing Machine Is Not Working?

who to call for my washing machine

When acquiring a new washing machine, you hope that you will not have to deal with any washer issues for a long time. You expect the best performance from your appliance and count on your warranty to save you from any unexpected breakdown. But what you don’t know is that many different factors unrelated to your washer can cause your appliance to work less efficiently. That is why, sometimes, when your washing machine has an issue, even the most qualified and experienced washing machine repairman might not be able to repair your appliance. That is because he is not just competent to fix the issue. Surely what prevents your appliance from working well is out of his field of experience. The question you must ask yourself then is, “who should I call when my washing machine is not working well?”.

As your trusted appliance repair partner, we decided to help you answer this question and help you save time the next time your appliance shows signs of failure. You can call three types of technicians when your appliance is not working as expected; An appliance repair technician, a plumber, and an electrician.


When Is An Appliance Technician The Expert To Call?

When your appliance is not functioning correctly because of an issue related to the unit itself, a washing machine repair expert is the right person to call for help. Washing machine repair experts are trained to fix problems that come from the appliance itself and not from an external source. If you have problems with your washer’s drum or motor, appliance repair experts will easily find an appropriate solution to them and get it repaired quickly.

Call An Washing Machine Repair Technicians For The Following Issues;

  • A Washing Machine That Shakes Too Much When In use.
  • A Washing Machine That Won’t Spin.
  • A Locked Washing Machine Door.
  • A Washing Machine That Makes A Strange Noise.
  • A Washing Machine That Won’t Start.

When Is An Electrician The Expert To Call?

At 5 Star Appliance Repair, we often receive calls from customers who complain that their new washer won’t start at all. The first thing that comes to a homeowner’s mind when his appliance doesn’t turn on is that the appliance is broken. But sometimes the appliance has nothing to do with the problem. The reason why your washing machine is not turning on might be electrical. To check if the reason why your appliance is not working is electrical, try to plug your appliance into another outlet in your home and check if it will start. If it does, it means the outlet where you usually plug your appliance is not working. An electrician is the right person to call to repair your system.

When Is A plumber The Expert To Call?

A plumber intervenes on washers that have draining issues. A washing machine that has difficulties evacuating dirty water during a cycle is a sign of a clogged draining system. How does your clogged drain affect your washer? The hose of your washer is connected to your home’s draining pipe, which in turn goes to the sewer or septic system. When a drainpipe is clogged, water that tries to escape to the sewer from your device gets stuck and accumulates. This accumulation can damage your appliances and also the clothes in your washer. To unclog your appliances, you will need the help of a professional plumber.

Should I Try To Fix My Washing Machine Issues Myself?

When a washing machine starts failing, many homeowners are tempted to take things into their hands and fix the issue themselves. You might have thought about doing the same one day surely to save time and money. The question here is, ” Is it ok to repair your washing machine DIY?”. 

If you are mechanically inclined and you have some experience with washing machines, why not. However, if you have no experience and you are not sure of what to do, better leave it to an experienced technician who will provide you with accurate and lasting solutions.

Since you can’t say from the start if you need an electrician, a plumber, or an appliance repair expert when your washing machine has a problem, call the latter to troubleshoot the problem and tell you the best thing to do in your case.  


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