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Why Does My Dryer Make A Strange Noise?

Dryer makes strange noises

A dryer that is making strange noises is never a good sign. The noises are a sign that something is wrong with your appliance. Although these noises can be a sign of a serious issue, there are many ways you can fix these issues. Either you ignore the noises and pray that they vanish on their own or contact an efficient and reliable appliance repairman who will find out why your dryer is making strange noises and find the best way to solve the problem.

Of course, the best option is to get a specialist to help you solve the problem. Many types of noises can come from your dryer, and each of them might be a sign of a specific problem. You may try to solve the problem yourself if you know how and have experience fixing dryers. However, as experts in the top pic of dryer issues, we highly recommend that you get help from a professional. To help you make the right choice about your noisy appliance, we decided to tell you more about the reasons why your dryer is making loud noises and what we recommend you do to fix it.


Your Dryer is Making Squeaking Noises. What is the Problem?


The reason your dryer is making squeaking noises might be due to a faulty part of your appliance called the idler pulley. The idler pulley helps your drum belt stay fix, preventing it from slipping away while your dryer is spinning. Because of the considerable friction build-up when your dryer is on duty, the pulley starts to wear out and, with time, results in the annoying squeaking noise that emanates from your device. 

To fix it DIY, first, check the pulley by removing the access panel on your dryer. You will find it next to the drive motor. Then remove the belt and try to turn the pulley to see if it turns rotates smoothly. If it doesn’t it means you need to replace the pulley. A dryer repair expert’s help is highly recommended here if you have no experience with a dryer repair. 


For Grinding Noises, Here Is The Right Thing To Do.


Grinding noises in a dryer is the result of the wear of the drum support bearing. After a certain time of use, this part that supports the rear of the dryer drum weakens and starts making these noises that unintendedly act like a signal that something is wrong.

To verify if your drum support bearing is the reason for the noise, unplug your appliance and take out the front panel. Then remove the belt and try to turn the drum of your dryer manually. If the drum shows resistance when you try to turn it, it means that the drum support bearing is worn out and needs replacement. Replacing a drum support bearing is a pretty complex task, so we advise you not to do it yourself. Leave to a specialist who will fix it right and quickly.


Is your dryer making squealing noises? Here is the cause.


One of the parts of your dryer that helps it serve you properly is the drive belt. The drive belt is a thin belt that helps the drum spin. It is fixed around the drum, the drive motor, and the tension pulley. Like any other parts in your dryer, this part is prone to tear and wear after some time of use. When the drive belt starts cracking, it makes the squealing sound you hear when in use. You can easily fix this issue DIY by removing the lower access panel and replacing the drive belt. 

If you don’t feel confident enough to fulfill these tasks on your own, contact our expert appliance repair technicians, who will provide you with accurate and affordable dryer repair services. Call us at (855) 731-4952 or send us a message online to schedule an appointment.

Other culprits for the high pitch squealing sound might be a bad bearing, bushing, winding, or switch motor. Problems with the motor are difficult to troubleshoot and thus should always be handled by trained experts. If you notice that the reason for the squealing noise is not the drive belt and you suspect it is a motor problem, call an expert technician to troubleshoot the issue and find an appropriate solution.


The Thump Noise From Your Dryer Is Surely Due To This Issue.


The cause of a thumping noise in your dryer is a torn drum seal. When the drum seal is torn, and the dryer is working, excess air enters the dryer drum and makes the thumping noise. A sign that shows that your device’s drum seal is not working correctly anymore is the rips or black mark you notice on your clothing after they come out of your dryer. Your clothing gets these marks because they get stuck when the drum is turning.

To fix it yourself:

  1. Unplug your appliance and remove the drum.
  2. Carefully peel the felt seat from the dryer and, with fine-grit sandpaper, remove all the remnants in there.
  3. Clean the edge of the drum with a liquid adhesive remover and dry it thoroughly.
  4. Attach a new seal around the drum with an adhesive. Make sure to put the adhesive underneath the seal and around the drum.
  5. When everything is dry, replace the drum, and you are done.

This process can be pretty complex. Go through it only if you are confident in your appliance repairing skills. If not, contact one of our experts who will fix it for you.


For Screeching Noises, Here Is What You Need To Do.


The screeching noises coming from your dryer are a sign that the drum support roller and shat located on the front and rear bulkheads of your dryer are having wearing issues. Fixing it is easy: open your panel, remove the rollers, and with a 30 weight oil, clean and lube them. This process will ease the job of the rollers and will help your drum turn smoothly. When removing the rollers, inspect them for any sign of wear. If you find any, call an expert technician to replace them. The technicians will also look at the roller shaft of your dryer to see if it needs replacement. 

Appliance Repair Offers You Professional Assistance With Dryer


Dryer repair is not a task for inexperienced hands. When your dryer or any other household appliance is not working as it is supposed to, the best action to take is to get help from trained and skilled experts. At 5 Star Appliance Repair, we offer you professional appliance repair services. Our team of trained, experienced, and dedicated appliance repair experts will get your dryer to function as new in no time. 

We work 24/7 and provide same-day repair services to homeowners in search of emergency appliance repair services. We also offer upfront pricing and do not set any extra charges for our services. 5 Star Appliance Repair is a company on which you can rely whenever you need help with your appliances.

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