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3 Safety Tips for Cleaning Your Old Kitchen Range


While the kitchen serves as the stomach of our home, the kitchen range is undoubtedly its pride and joy, so when it malfunctions, you need quality range appliance repair right away. All tasty meals begin in the oven or on the stove unless you use a pressure cooker or simply reheat leftovers from the night before. This multipurpose device is the most utilized equipment in your house, so it needs frequent cleaning to maintain its usability and delay range repair services as much as possible.


  • Read the Installation and Usage Guide in the Manufacturer’s Manual

There is a vast difference between kitchen ranges. For instance, the cleaning process for a double-oven gas range will be different from that of a commercial electric range with a flame broiler. Before attempting to clean your stove, check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are doing the right and safe steps to cleaning your oven.


  • Turn Off The Range and Let It Cool Down Before Cleaning

For safety, please turn off the oven and stove top and let them cool off fully before cleaning. Never touch anything inside or wipe down any parts until you are fully certain it is completely cool to the touch.


  • Clean With Soap, Water, and Soft Microfibre Unless Otherwise Specified

Certain surfaces are susceptible to damage from abrasives and harsh chemicals. For this reason, a good amount of soap, water, and a soft towel should be all you need to clean your kitchen range unless the manufacturer’s manual states otherwise. In addition, be careful not to scrub too much on the model and serial number plate to prevent erasing them. Wipe the interior of your oven and stove top thoroughly to avoid stains, scratches, or water damage.


Finally, when cleaning your kitchen range, if you see any symptoms of wear and tear or if you are unsure how to clean a certain part of your unit, feel free to contact our 5 star range repair professional. You will be surprised at how hiring a technician from a service center you can call your “go-to range repair near me” can save you more money with prevention than cure. Our 5 star appliance service experts advise giving your kitchen range a cleaning once every three months for optimal performance. As for our zealous home cooks may find they need to give high-use sections a polish more frequently.



How to Keep Your Old Kitchen Range in Good Condition


Kitchen ranges generally take the worst of the stress from the inevitable crumbs, spills, and other problems that occur while cooking, so investing in range appliance repair is vital. If you spend a few minutes a day doing this, you won’t have to spend hours washing away baked-on gunk. An added safety measure prevents potentially flammable food or liquids from sitting on the burner between uses.


5 Star Appliance Repair recommends the following ways to maintain your kitchen range’s condition and keep it as so for a long time:


  • Control Spills and Clean Up Promptly

Eliminate the risk of burning-on, bacterial growth, and corrosion by clearing away any crumbs, spills, or other remains as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for acidic foods like tomato sauce, vinegar, and soda.


  • Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Your stove can be regularly cleaned with soap and water or specialized cooktop cleaning cream. Avoid using any cleanser that contains ammonia, especially on a glass-top stove.


You may need to clean it multiple times a day, depending on the frequency of usage. There are decal indications that assist you in locating the knob settings for each burner can be easily worn away by using abrasive pads or extremely aggressive cleansers. If the decals come off following repeated washings, you may need to replace the whole unit.


  • Exercise Caution When Baking

When preparing a large dish, such as a pie or casserole, it is a good idea to use a larger baking sheet at the bottom of the oven. It can help keep your oven cleaner by containing any overflow or leakage.


However, if spills materialize after you have finished baking, clean the oven’s interior as soon as it has cooled. Taking this precaution prevents a more serious problem that may require our 5 star appliance repair service.



Whenever you have additional queries on how you can best keep your kitchen range in good shape, feel free to contact us. 5 Star Appliance Repair is always ready to assist you.