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Can An Expert Repair My Glass Cooktop?

Repair a glass cooktop


Do not give up on your broken glass cooktop. Learn all that is to know about glass cooktop repair.


Today, most 21st-century modern cooktop appliances are equipped with a glass top. They bring some sophistication to your kitchen, practicality, and security to your cooking procedures. The glass top of this appliance makes cleaning effortless and considerably reduces the risk of your kids burning their little fingers on the appliance. Nevertheless, the glass cooktop remains one of the appliances that require the most maintenance in your home. To prevent it from wearing, you should make sure that it is always clean and have a technician check it out every once in a while for defects. If you don’t act carefully with it, you might find yourself searching for a glass cooktop repair service a little bit too often.

One of the most common problems homeowners face with this type of cooktop is the breaking of the glass. This incident often happens when something hits hard the surface of your cooktop or when you scratch it during cleaning. In this article, we will see what you should do when your glass cooktop breaks.


Is it possible to fix a broken glass cooktop?


A broken glass cooktop is an issue that an expert will fix easily or difficultly depending on the fissure’s severity. In case it is not possible to repair your glass cooktop, a replacement can be done instead. All you need to get your glass cooktop in good shape is the help of a well-trained and experienced appliance repair expert. 

At 5 Star Appliance, we have specialists able to fix your broken glass cooktop quickly and accurately. No matter the severity of the fissure, they will fix your appliance on the same day and at the most affordable cost. Call us at (855) 731-4952 and see how fast we get things done.


How To Repair a scratched Glass Cooktop?


As mentioned above, repairing a glass cooktop is possible depending on the seriousness of the crack or scratch. You can fix some of these problems without the help of an expert appliance repair expert, while other issues will require experienced hands. One of the issues you will be able to fix DIY is mild glass cooktop scratches.

When moving your pots on the cooktop or when placing objects on it, they can sometimes create tiny visible scratches on your appliance. Removing these scratches is something easy to do. All you will need is a metal polishing cream or self-made cream that you realize by mixing baking soda and water. 

To get rid of the scratches, apply and rub the cream on the surface of your glass cooktop. Then use a fresh fabric and gently clean the surface of the cooktop. Do not apply too much force as it might cause your appliance to lose color, and also do not use any abrasive product that can further damage your appliance.

If, after all that, you notice that the scratches are still there, it means that they are too deep for you to remove. Then the only solution that remains is to call for an expert technician who can help you.


Should You Repair Broken Glass Cooktop?


When it comes to a broken glass cooktop, the best thing to do is call a professional to take care of it. A damaged glass cooktop can be very complex and dangerous to fix. An inexperienced hand on a broken glass cooktop faces the risk of being badly shocked and causing more harm to the appliance. So once you notice the crack on your cooktop, stop using it immediately and call for a specialist who will get it fixed properly. 

The cost of repairing or replacing a cooktop glass ranges between $200 and $600. When you call an expert for a cooktop replacement, make sure that the part he will replace is new, has a warranty, and is genuine. So do not worry if you have a scratched or broken glass cooktop. The right technician can quickly fix it and get it back in perfect working conditions.


5 Star Appliance specialists Repair Broken Glass Cooktop efficiently and at a very affordable cost.


5 Star Appliance Repair is a licensed and recognized appliance repair company that has served homeowners all over the country for more than a decade. You will find on our team technicians with in-depth training, strong certification, and complete devotion to get you the best solution to whatever appliance issues you are facing.

When your glass cooktop breaks and you need urgent, dependable, and affordable glass cooktop repair service, you can count on us. We do things right from the first time and guarantee our customers unmatchable workmanship. If your cooktop requires a part replacement, our experts will get you a genuine new part at an affordable rate, including a warranty. With 5 Star Appliance Repair services, you can relax knowing that your appliances are in good hands and their longevity secured.

To have our technicians come to your home, contact us right now. You can reach us through our customer service line by calling (855) 731-4952 or sending us a message directly through our website. We are ready to take care of your appliance at all times.