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Common Repairs on Ranges, Stoves, and Ovens

Common Repairs Our Experts Perform on Ranges, Stoves, and Ovens

Kitchen appliances help us to cook and store anything we want, but they tend to break down from time to time. Sometimes just one component can cause headaches. The good news is that in many cases appliances like ranges, stoves, and ovens can be repaired by a professional technician. We created this list to give you more information on some common range repair, stove repair, and oven repair we perform.

Some common broken stove, range, or oven issues are:

  1. Gas igniter glows, but will not light
  2. Won’t start
  3. Low or no heat when baking
  4. The element will not heat
  5. Programming issues
  6. The oven is too hot
  7. Low or no heat when broiling
  8. The timer won’t function properly

Let’s dive deeper into these common appliance issues and explain what components could be at fault.

Gas Igniter Glows, But Will Not Light

The igniter for the burners are is what ignites the flame so you can cook on your stove. When the igniter is not working properly, you may have a problem with the igniter itself, the oven safety valve (gas valve), electronic control, or the temperature sensor. 

Oven or Range Won’t Start

If your range or oven won’t turn on, there are some common culprits of this issue. The problem may lie with a bad oven or range fuse, broil element, bake element, surface burner element, temperature sensor, infinite switch, electronic control board, safety valve, or the oven burner igniter. These parts all play a role in the proper functionality of your oven and range and even one simple component can cause your appliance to stop working.

Low or No Heat When Baking

Having an oven issue of little to no heat when baking can ruin your day. The common components as fault are a faulty bake element, oven control thermostat, temperature sensor, electronic control board, and fuses.

Element Will Not Heat

The surface burner element is what heats your pot/pan to cook your food. If your stove or range element is not heating or heating properly, there may be something wrong with the surface burner element itself, surface burner terminal block and receptacle, surface burner switch, and the infinite switch. Any of these components will cause your burner issues.

Programming Issues

There is only one oven, range, and stove component that will cause this issue. The electronic control board and membrane switch allow you to program your appliance so it can function properly. This typically needs to be replaced as one whole unit to correctly repair your range, oven, or stove.

Oven Is Too Hot

Having an oven that gets too hot can cause safety issues for you and your family. When this happens, there are two possible components which include the temperature sensor and the oven control thermostat. Oven repair needs to be done correctly to avoid any health and safety hazards that come with the extreme temperatures that these appliances produce.

Low or No Heat When Broiling

When you have this issue it can be one of two things, a defective broil element or bad fuses.

Timer Not Functioning Properly

Like the issue with not being able to correctly program your oven, stove or range, the timer is connected to the electronic control board. You may have to replace the whole unit of your stove oven timer continues to malfunction.

Oven repair, range repair, cooktop repairs, and stove repair can be tough to complete. Many of these appliance repairs include handling gas lines and other electrical components that can cause injury. Leave it to the experts that have the proper skills to perform the service. If you need help, you can contact us for any oven repair, range repair, or stove repair you may need.