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How to troubleshoot a Maytag dryer

Expert’s Tips To Troubleshoot Your Maytag Dryer Easily


It is common knowledge that a washer is used to wash the dirt off our clothes with little or no hassle. However, after washing, we can’t put on the clothes immediately – we have to wait for some hours for them to dry out completely. A dryer saves you the stress of having to wait long hours – it absorbs the moisture from your cloth completely, and by doing so, you can put it on the moment it is out of the dryer. Maytag is a well-known household appliance brand that produces durable and reliable appliances like dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, cooktops, etc. Dryers have become a necessary convenience for a lot of households that when they are not working, it can be frustrating. Maytag dryers are not an exception. A faulty Maytag dryer can affect you in so many ways, like causing an unnecessary hike in your bills. This is why it is necessary to get an expert to troubleshoot your Maytag dryer immidiately you notice something wrong. Especially if you do not want a little issues to grow into an expensive headache.

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Common reasons for a faulty Maytag Dryer


There can be a lot of reasons why a Maytag dryer can get faulty. Here are some of the common issues and steps of troubleshooting:

The dryer is having power issues. 

Has your Maytag dryer refused to come on even when plugged into an outlet? Here are some steps to take to find out what exactly the problem is.

  • Check if your dryer is plugged into an outlet that is functioning. You can do this by unplugging the dryer from the outlet and plugging in another electrical appliance. Try turning on the appliance or device you plugged in. If it doesn’t come on, then that means that the outlet is bad. Call an expert to check it.
  • Inspect the dryer’s circuit breaker to ensure that there is no trip or the fuses have not blown. If the fuse have blown, it’s necessary to replace and reset the breakers if they tripped off.
  • Make sure you are not using an extension cord because these cords can’t conduct the level of power voltage your dryer needs safely, and these can result in overheating. 
Operation issues

It can be a cycle issue that can stop your dryer from doing its work when turned on. To manage this, make sure you have set your dryer to an automatic or timed dry setting. Sometimes when it is set to Wrinkle Reduction, this may cause a major setback because it uses timed tumbling and doesn’t start immediately it is turned on. So always ensure that you have selected either a Timed or Automatic cycle. 

Dryer Overloading

Filling your dryer with more than one wash load can stop the dryer from tumbling and also restrict the airflow circulation. This means that Air won’t be reaching some of your clothes, and your dryer might need to run more than one cycle to dry all your clothes. Always try to fill your dryer to about ¾ for adequate airflow and enough room for tumbling.

Malfunctioning of some parts of the dryer

It is a possibility that the reason your dryer isn’t working is that it has some faulty parts. Some of the known culprits are:

  • Faulty Start Switch – to find out if the problem is the Start Switch, try putting on the dryer. If the dryer responds or makes a humming sound, the problem is not the start switch. But in the event when it doesn’t respond at all or make a humming sound, then the problem might be the Start Switch. Contact a reliable appliance repair service near you.
  • Faulty Drive Motor – in this case, if the dryer makes a humming sound when turned on, it might be due to a faulty Drive Motor.
  • Blown thermal fuse – thermal fuse is a safety device that protects the dryer from overheating, and it will blow if the dryer is overheating. If your Maytag dryer doesn’t start due to a blown thermal fuse, you will hear a beep when you press the start button. 
  • Broken Belt Switch – when the dryer belt breaks, the motor will still work, but the drum won’t turn. In some cases, the dryers will shut down when the drive belt break. 
The dryer Door Latch does not engage.

In most cases, the dryer won’t start working if the door isn’t shut. Always try to give the dryer door a gentle push even after closing to ensure that the latch engages. You will hear a click sound when the door is securely closed.

If, after a gentle push, the latch doesn’t engage, check that no clothing article is in the way of the door and try again. If it still doesn’t work, then it is possibly a broken latch, and it is best to contact a licensed dryer technician to get that checked.

Is your Maytag Dryer not working even after the troubleshooting tips? Then it is important to get a professional dryer repair service to take a look at the problem. 

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