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Why is my Induction Cooktop Not Heating My Pans

Before we answer the question – why is my induction cooktop not heating, let’s talk about what an induction cooktop is and how it functions. Half a century ago, the family cooking experience was more of a challenge than nowadays. At that time, the kitchen appliance industry had not yet reached the innovation levels it has today, and thus some of the kitchen equipment we use now that facilitates our lives was not within reach of everyone. Fortunately, nowadays, innovation goes quickly, and it takes just a couple of years to enjoy the latest technology. One of these kitchen technologies that has changed our kitchen habits is the induction cooktop.

Before the induction cooktop became widely spread and easily accessible, families relied on gas or electric cookers to feed themselves. Although they perfectly did the job, they had some major disadvantages such as low energy efficiency, high cost to maintain, and were a potential threat to the family, especially children. That is why the arrival of the induction cooktop and its popularization was a real game-changer. It fixed all the problems homeowners had with their previous cooking appliances.

Induction Cooktops Unique Technology


The first and foremost advantage of an induction cooktop is the way it functions. Induction cooktop, unlike any other cooking appliance, does not produce heat as per se to cook your products. To heat your cookware, an induction cooktop uses electromagnetism. Inside your cooktop is an electronically controlled coil of metal that allows current to flow through it and produces a magnetic field around it. This magnetic field is also present on the pot you place over the cooktop. Therefore, there is a magnetic flow that occurs between the cooktop and your pan, which is what causes it to heat your pan.

In summary, when you turn on your induction cooktop, the cooktop itself doesn’t heat. It is rather the electromagnetic fluctuations that create an electrical current in your pan that makes the pan heat. In other words, if your cooktop is not heating your pan, then there is something hindering the electromagnetic process from happening.

4 Reasons Why your Induction Cooktop Is Not heating Your Pan


Incompatible pan

The induction cooktop being an exceptional appliance with a unique building, it is natural that it requires a specific type of pan to work. To profit from the exceptional induction qualities of your cooktop, you have to use pans that are electromagnetic compatible. These are pans that have magnetic-based materials such as cast iron or magnetic stainless steel. Any other type of cookware but induction-compatible cookware will not work on your induction cooktop. Besides, many cooktop brands will signal you if you try to use an incompatible pan on your cooktop.

Lack of power

Even though the induction cooktop doesn’t use electricity to heat coils, like all appliances, it needs power to work. When you plug in your induction and turn it on, there is a light that appears to signal you that the appliance receives power. If you turn on your induction cooktop and the display light doesn’t appear, it means that you have a power issue. Then you have to check the junction box by your stove and the plug to see if they are not faulty. If everything is fine with your wires, the power issue might come from inside your induction cooktop. In this case, you should contact us, and we will send an induction cooktop repair expert to check it out. 

The lock mode is activated

All brands of cooktops have a lock mode. In some cooktops, you have to activate the lock mode manually to prevent the appliance from starting inadvertently, while other cooktops activate automatically. People who own a cooktop that automatically activates the lock mode might face the problem of a cooktop that doesn’t heat. That is because they are often unaware of that function. So, if you place your cookware on your appliance and it doesn’t heat, check that the lock mode is off.

The burner is not broken

At the beginning of these articles, we mentioned the coil situated inside your appliance that produces an electromagnetic field. It can happen that your induction cooktop stops heating your pots due to a failure of your burner’s coil. If that’s the reason why your cooktop is not working, then there is nothing much you can do about it. The only solution is to have our experts come to your home to provide you with induction cooktop repair service.

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