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Why Is My Oven Not Cooking Evenly.


Have you ever had a terrible cooking experience with your oven? You want to make an amazing dinner for your family or cookies for your kids. Everything goes well until you take your dish out of the oven and discover a partly burnt and underdone food. Why does that happen? Why is my oven not cooking evenly? Our team of experts participated as usual in this article to help you understand your oven better and troubleshoot any issue you may have with your appliance.

Ovens are appliances that often come in two types, conventional and convection. A conventional oven is one that has two heating elements within the appliance. The one at the top is for broiling and the other at the bottom is for cooking and baking. A convection oven on the other hand is an appliance that uses a powerful internal fan to circulate hot air in the oven. This system allows the oven to maintain a consistent temperature. No matter if you own a convection or conventional oven, you can face the problem of an oven that is not cooking evenly. Now the question of what causes this to happen is what we are going to discuss hereafter.

Why Is My Oven Not To Cooking Evenly?


You Are Not Using The Right Cookware.

Depending on the dish you are about to cook, you should always make sure that you are using the right cookware. This starts with the color of the pan. If you try to cook or bake using a lighter pan, you will find your dish cooking slower than with a lighter pan. This difference in cooking and baking time is due to the fact that dark pans absorb heat faster than light pans. Therefore if you notice that your dishes are unevenly cooked when you use a particular type of pan, try to use a darker pan.

You Omitted to Pre-Heat Your Oven.

If you use recipe books to cook, you must have noticed that most of them require that you pre-heat the oven before inserting your dishes. Pre-heating your oven allows the appliance to reach the right temperature, ideal for cooking your dish. So, before you put your dish for cooking or baking into the oven, make sure that you have preheated it.

Your Racks Are Not in the Right Place.

The position of your dish in the oven when cooking or baking determines the manner in which it will come out – properly cooked or unevenly cooked. Therefore the position of your oven’s racks is very important. Positioning the racks in such a way that your dishes are too close or too far from the heating elements can ruin your food. 

You Are Opening the Oven Door Too Often.

Oven’s doors have doors that are hermetically closed to prevent the appliance from losing heat while you are cooking. By opening and closing this door, even once, you cause heat to escape your oven. So, when you are cooking, make sure that you have properly set the temperature and timing. Once you put your dish into the oven do not open it till the end of the cooking or baking time. The only instance when you can open a cooking or baking oven is if you see smoke coming out of your oven. 

Non-Calibrated Thermostat

To keep its internal temperature stable, ovens have thermostats that help to cycle heat by turning the heating elements on and off. However, this thermostat can sometimes wrongly read the oven temperatures if they are properly calibrated. Testing the calibration of your oven’s thermostat is quite easy. All you have to do is to try to bake something simple such as cookies. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that you take into consideration the tips listed above. If after the time set for the recipe, your cookies are not properly baked, it is a sign that you might need to calibrate your thermostat.

Broken heating Element.

An oven that does not heat due to a broken heating element is a problem that happens more often with a conventional oven than with a convection oven. In a conventional oven, as mentioned above, there are two heating elements situated at the top and bottom of the oven’s interior. When one of these elements is not working properly, you will notice that the part of your dish that is facing that element will be unevenly cooked. 

Malfunctioning Temperature Sensor.

A temperature sensor is a device that works with your thermostat. It helps to measure the temperature and prevent the oven from getting too hot. If your dishes cook unevenly and you know where the temperature sensor is located, try to move it away from the walls. This will make the sensor measure the heat more accurately. If that does not work, then you might have to call a technician to check that your sensor is still working properly.

Malfunctioning Convection Oven’s Fan.

The greatest reason why your oven is cooking or baking unevenly when you own a convection oven is due to a failing oven. A convection oven fan helps hot air to circulate in the appliance and gets your food to cook evenly. When it fails, you will notice that multiple parts of your food will be unevenly cooked. The help of an oven repair expert will help you fix the problem effectively.

In the list of things that can cause your oven to cook unevenly are issues that require the help of a trained and expert professional to fix properly. Therefore, if your oven is not cooking evenly and you have tried to fix the problem yourself to no avail, get an expert to troubleshoot and provide you with the best solution.

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