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Why Is My Oven Not Cooking Evenly.

Have you ever had a terrible cooking experience with your oven? You want to make an amazing dinner for your family or cookies for your kids. Everything goes well until you take your dish out of the oven and discover a partly burnt and underdone food. Why does that happen? Why is my oven not

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Get your appliance ready for summer

Maintenance Tips For Over-The-Range Microwave

Over-the-range microwaves are some of the most aesthetically pleasing and practical appliances in a house. They take very little space in that kitchen and are very convenient for heating and defrosting food. All these qualities make over-the-range microwaves the best type of microwave compared to counter-top microwaves. Because of the great advantages, over-the-range microwaves offer,

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Fix my dishwasher

5 Important things to do before turning on your new refrigerator.

Your refrigerator had been working inefficiently for a long time, and you decided to replace your refrigerator. You went online to look for a modern and energy-efficient refrigerator to replace your old one. You ordered it, and today it’s arriving at your home. Now you are surely excited to launch your new frdige but hang

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Why is my Induction Cooktop Not Heating My Pans

Before we answer the question – why is my induction cooktop not heating, let’s talk about what an induction cooktop is and how it functions. Half a century ago, the family cooking experience was more of a challenge than nowadays. At that time, the kitchen appliance industry had not yet reached the innovation levels it

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How to troubleshoot a Maytag dryer

Expert’s Tips To Troubleshoot Your Maytag Dryer Easily   It is common knowledge that a washer is used to wash the dirt off our clothes with little or no hassle. However, after washing, we can’t put on the clothes immediately – we have to wait for some hours for them to dry out completely. A

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Dryer makes strange noises

Oven And Stove Troubleshoot Tips

Your kitchen, with its many appliances, is for sure the hub of your home. This part of the home is, for many, the heart of the house; When it is not fully functional, the effect impacts the whole family. That is why every day, we endeavor to take good care of it and keep every

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Wine Cooler Repair

4 Reasons Why Your Whirlpool Front Loader Washer Won’t Start

How often do you pay attention to your washer? Most people will answer “never” to this question. Whirlpool front loader washers are among these appliances that we almost never seem to notice as long as they are working fine. The reason for that is just that washers are so much integrated into our routine that

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Repair a glass cooktop

What Causes My Dishwasher To leak?

You don’t know how handy a dishwasher is until it breaks down and has water leaking from your it. Like all other appliances, Dishwashers require regular maintenance and care to keep them working smoothly and delivering perfectly clean dishes. Often many homeowners fail to provide these services to their dishwashers, which results in dishwasher leaks.

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check my stove burner

3 Common Samsung Smart Refrigerators Issues  

Among the brands of refrigerators that constantly innovate is one that never fails to stand out – The Samsung Refrigerator. The brand Samsung is known for its appliances that offer comfort and advanced technology. Today one of the appliances that perfectly represents Samsung’s lead in the appliance industry is its smart refrigerator. This product which

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