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Top 5 kitchen technology gadgets in 2020

Top 5 kitchen technology gadgets in 2020


New technology is making our lives easier especially in our kitchens. In the olden ages, all you had to cook really was a pan, knife, and dough rollers. Now think of all the little gadgets you can buy. But why do these trinkets catch our attention and make us buy it? Whether it be from impulse, there’s no denying that some of these gadgets offer benefits.

  • Convenient: Most kitchen gadgets are convenient and easy to use. They make our time in the kitchen a much better time.
  • Safety features: Our kitchens are becoming a safer environment with newer products. 
  • Efficient: Your cooking time can be cut in half with gadgets that make cooking so much easier.

Have you ever sat down to imagine what a kitchen will look like in the future? Sometimes our imaginations and thoughts can run wild, we will begin to envision kitchens that are completely voice-oriented and you can cook your meals by just pushing a button.

Here are 5 kitchen gadgets that are definitely worthy of being in your kitchen:


Nostalgia retro pop-up hot dog toaster

Hot dogs are one of the most mouth-watering foods that you can have. Traditionally you boil the hot dog and put the bun in a toaster or a grill, that can be a little too time-consuming. This gadget fuses both components in one, you just have to put your bun and your sausages into the toaster and you will have your hot dog in a matter of minutes!  It comes with slots for the buns and sausage frank making it super easy.

There is also a hot dog steamer, it is used to steam the hot dog, it stops automatically when the hot dog is set and alerts you with a bark. Use these gadgets and your hot dog experience will never be the same again.


Hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker

This gadget can change your morning routine for the better. Just imagine you wake up every day to a warm homemade breakfast. If your ideal breakfast is a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, you’ll love this invention.

How does it work?

  • Let it heat up automatically for about 5 mins.
  • Always pre-cook your meat earlier.
  • Open up the device and in the bottom half put an English muffin or whatever you prefer with cheese of any type.
  • You can choose to put in your bacon at the same time or later.
  • Bring down the divider between the middle and top compartment and crack an egg into it, add necessary ingredients.
  • Close the top compartment and let it cook.
  • After 5 mins come back and add the top half of the bun or muffin and close again.
  • Take out the divider that separates the top from the bottom compartment and you have your sandwich ready for consumption.

It’s quick and easy to use. Perfect for not just breakfast but for brunch as well. It’s also easy to clean up with removable components. The best part is you can create your own favorite breakfast sandwich that will be ready in no time.


3–In–1 Family Size Breakfast Station

Have you ever dreamed about making a complete meal with one hand? This appliance-like gadget is made up of 3 components that are essential for making a homemade breakfast. It includes:

  • Four cup coffee maker – it brews a hot pot of coffee for you.
  • Toaster oven – it holds up to four slices of bread at once and can hold up a 7-inch pizza. It can also be used to make sandwiches and desserts like biscuits.
  • Oven top non-stick griddle – can be used to fry your egg or grill meat.

Not only is t super convenient, but it also has a 30-minute timer as an added feature for safety. This timer shuts down the appliance once the time is reached. It also allows for easy cleanup once you are done cooking. Just remove the griddle and oven tray to clean it. Making breakfast has never been so easy.


Automatic pot mixer/auto stirrer for cooking

Like our parents taught us, stir the pot or it’ll burn! You won’t ever burn your soup again with this gadget. The auto stirrer is an adjustable electric kitchen gadget that gives you hands-free cooking experience. This gadget has two self–stirring speeds. One speed delicately stirs your stew, soup, porridge or sauce for you. The faster speed mixes anything you need quickly. 

It has other great features like:

  • Ability to withstand hot temperatures.
  • No cords that limit motion.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) free
  • Quiet

It has a fast-charging speed; most times 4 hours is all that is needed and it is good to go, you can go about your activities while it stirs your food and releases a burst of aroma and taste.

You can finally sit back and relax while the auto stirrer does all the work.


Nutella jar Scraping Spoon

We saved the best for last. Everyone knows the frustration that comes with trying to scrape every last bit of spread that stuck at the bottom of the jar. A regular spoon just doesn’t cut it. The shape of a traditional spoon never allows you to get the last savory bit of your favorite spread, jam, or butter.

This little spoon was made specifically for those spread fanatics. It features a semi-flexible hand and a squeegee tip that works perfectly to scoop out everything in the jar. You can also get it in whichever color you want to match your style and taste.


These are but just a few of the gadgets you can look forward to in 2020!