Ice machine serves you with endless amounts of ice. If it is damaged and failed to work, you must call a repair service immediately. At 5 Star Appliance Repair, we offer our customers the best repairs and maintenance solutions. Our professionals are specialized in the repair and maintenance of ice making machines. Whether your ice maker is making strange sounds or it is no longer working, we repair all types of breakdowns, we get original spare parts, and we clean and tune up your ice maker.

When you set up an appointment for ice maker repair, we promise:
  • In-home service on all major brand ice maker
  • Skilled and experienced technicians
  • Special care for critical damages or faults
  • Guaranteed quality service

5 Star Appliance Repair, well known and trusted appliance repair company, offers a fast diagnosis of the problem of the ice maker and easiest and effective repairs in all kind of breakdowns. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the services provided by our experienced pros. Our experts have been serving the customers for years and they will leave your ice machine like a new one. Call us! Whether its ice maker, refrigerator, or dishwasher repair service, our professionals will provide you with the best repair service today!

Brands we service