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Why Is My Wine Cooler Leaking?

Wine Cooler Repair

After a hard-working week, you must sometimes feel the desire to open your favorite bottle of wine while relaxing on your couch. Now, imagine you reaching your wine cooler and noticing a huge pond of water on the floor leaking from your wine cooler. That is a kill-pleasure that can completely ruin your day. This unfortunate incident is a source of great frustration for the homeowner as they don’t know what caused it and how to fix it. To help you, we decided to answer your question, “why is my wine cooler leaking.”. We prepared a detailed explanation of the causes of leakage in wine coolers and how to fix and prevent them from happening again.


Why Is Your Wine Cooler Leaking?


The culprit for your wine cooler leakage is too much condensation. Excessive condensation is often the result of a gap somewhere on your wine cooler that allows warm air into your appliance. When condensation drastically increases, it creates excess moisture that finds its way through your appliance’s gaps and leaves stagnant water in the bottom of your wine cooler.

Although a wine cooler leak is not the worst kind of problem the appliance can have, it remains a problem for which you should find a quick solution. As chance would have it, our expert wine cooler technicians take care of hundreds of cases of leaking wine coolers every week and have some very helpful solutions for your faulty appliance. 


How To Prevent And Fix A Wine Cooler Leakage.


Since wine cooler leaks are caused by excess condensation, it is just right that the best way to prevent or fix it is to take control of its condensation issue. There are some simple things you could do that will fix and prevent your leakage problem.


  • Do not open your fridge too frequently.

Remember that leaks are caused by condensation, and condensation happens when warm air gets into your wine cooler. Thus to prevent or stop your wine refrigerator from leaking water, you should control how often you open your refrigerator. If you have guests at home, try to reduce the number of times you open your wine cooler and instead use a bucket of ice to keep the drinks cold.


  • Place Baking Soda In Your Wine Cooler

When we talk about baking soda and appliances, we often see it as a product to use when one wants to remove bad smells from wine coolers and refrigerators. But what little people know is that Baking Soda is also a good moisture absorber. Placing baking soda in your wine cooler can help reduce the amount of moisture in your wine cooler while waiting for an expert to fix your condensation problem.


  • Check And Replace Seals.

You might not know it, but seals play an essential role in your appliance’s good functioning. They are there to prevent moisture from building up in your appliance while keeping your wine cooler’s interior at a perfect temperature. Once you notice an excessive build-up of moisture in your wine cooler, check that the seals are well fixed and in good condition. Also, take a look at the ceiling and floor of your appliance and check that no fissure or gap allows warm air into the appliance. If there is any tear and wear on your appliance, contact an expert technician who will repair it effectively.


  • Clean Dirty Seals.

One thing you have to know about your wine cooler’s seals is that with time they accumulate dirt in their cracks that prevents your appliance from closing hermetically. That is why, at least twice a year, you have to check your seals for dirt and clean them if you notice any accumulation.


  • Have A Technician Perform Maintenance On Your Wine Cooler.

Sometimes condensation is not to blame for your beverage fridge leaking water. A damaged part in your appliance might also be the reason why your appliance is leaking. If you try to reduce condensation in your wine cooler using the methods suggested above and still have water leaking, we advise you to get a technician to troubleshoot your appliance and fix the problem.


A Leaking Wine Cooler Is No Reason To Panic.


A leaking wine cooler is the result of too much condensation or a damaged part of your appliance. Both causes are easy to detect and fix, especially if you hire an expert to do the job. If you think that the reason why your appliance is leaking is serious, then it is better to get a professional to have a look at it and provide you with an effective wine cooler repair service. 


5 Star Appliance Professional Wine Cooler Repair Service.


5 Star Appliance Repair is the leading appliance repair company in the State. Our experts are locals with in-depth training and understanding of Appliances. They also have a great experience that allows them to fix any appliance regardless of its problem. You can hand them your leaking wine coolers and be sure that they will have the problem fixed efficiently and affordably. They are ready to give all wine enthusiasts  wine cooler troubleshooting and repair service better than any other in the city.

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